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April 1, 2009

not fooling

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Today is April the first, known as April Fool’s day. I believe that no tricks were played on me this day… if there were they were well hidden from my knowlege. I didn’t play any tricks on people today. I don’t usually play tricks – I usually just sneak up on people. Today was my day off work and I had a pretty good day…up until about a half hour ago when I realized that I felt really warm and went and took my temperature. It’s 102! I haven’t had a temperature that high in a LONG time. So under mother orders (and my friend Anna) I am to stay in bed. So, here I am sitting in bed and I realize I haven’t updated my blog in a while!

Work is going well, it is wearing me out physically though. I went to the chiropractor today and he took X-rays of my neck and my back – YIKES!  A protractor (it looks like a D and is used for measuring angles) was put up to a picture of a X-ray of a near normal neck and the curvature of it matched the arch perfectly. He put it up against my X-ray and it kinda freaked me out a little cause my neck was more straight than curved. I also saw that the left side of my hip isn’t even with the right side of my hip…its just a tad bit lower. And of course there is stuff in the middle that would need to be readjusted anyway. I remember my first time at the chiropractor’s office – it was back in 5th grade if I’m remembering right. My shoulders and hips were not even, therefore rendering me knock kneed. The pressure I was unused to and so it hurt but then after it was popped into place I wouldn’t feel pain there anymore. I also had a low pain tollerance back then too but now just the sound of it popping is what buggs me, but not too much.

Well, I’m getting rather warm so I’m going to turn down my space heater a bit and see if I can get a little rest.



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