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August 4, 2009

get ready for a move

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Hello! I’ve been working on a site of my own, but its not finished yet! Still some tweeks here and there and some more pictures probably…

But what have I been up to? This blog has taken a long break. Well, I’m back at work after having a week off for vacation last month. Some girls I went to high school with and I went down to South Padre Island and Corpus Christi, Texas. It was a lot of fun at the beach and it was certainly very very nice to get to sleep in some. I do think that I got to catch up on sleep. And lately I’ve not had all week being the morning shift, which is very enjoyable. I have been wanting more afternoon shifts. Hopefully I’ll have more than one afternoon shift next week. Boss and her husband decided to take a little vacation at a cabin on a lake this week. We also got the results for our inspection last week – 96! 4 paws! we were sooo happy at work. I heard that last year our score was 93, so much better this year!

Before I went on vacation, there was a very busy week. It was vacation bible school and I was in the drama 3 nights. most of it was for singing, but there was one scene that I was in that I had a speaking part. I am so glad that I don’t have to wear make up all the time because it is a bit of a pain to take off. and put on now that I think of it, especially stage make up.  The same week of VBS was the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince movie. I saw it twice on the same day! I also saw it last week with my friend Katy, and that was a lot of fun! 🙂

I think that might be all for now, I should go and do that tweeking on the site. That’s not up yet.

Buena! Tracey


April 24, 2009

so busy!

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The weather has finally gotten wonderful (to my opinion – some would consider it miserable) and summer is hinting that its getting here soon.

Work has been very busy! We had around 95 dogs in today. Last night when I was there for closing, we had 44 dogs. This weekend is going to be very busy. I don’t doubt that this afternoon they’ll have peaked at 100 dogs. And lucky me, I get to be at work at 6:30 am for two days in a row! hahaha – not too excited about that really. Let me explain:

I’m tired. Well, maybe you could expand on that miss Tracey – you think. So, expanding. I had that awful mild flu a couple weeks ago that I believe I wrote about. Well then I gave it to my boyfriend Tommy (have I mentioned him on here before?) and I took care of him a little while he had it. And alas I gained half of it back from him! So here I am all week, snivling and coughing. That is tiring in itself to me. Then I worked Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and really early today, and I also had play rehearsals and community chorale rehearsal, and Wednesday night I had trouble sleeping. It was 1:30 am that I got up and went downstairs and fixed a cup of tea and drank it in my dad’s rocking/recliner chair. And I fell asleep. And then I woke up at 6 to my mom and the dog coming downstairs. I went back to my own bed and went to sleep. and woke up at 8:40, 9:30, and 10:30. I got a good ammount of sleep I guess, but I didn’t feel rested at all. I was going to nap this afternoon after I showered and ate after I got home from work but I haven’t been sleepy enough to sleep till now and its just now 4. I have to meet up with my director and the rest of the cast at 5:30 for dinner and run-through the show a couple times before the shows start at 7. I want to go see Tommy some time today and the only time I can think of would be right now. After the show I will want to go home and go to sleep.

Long and tangented answers are my specialty so it seems.

The play I’m in is written and directed by Anna Riner, titled Unanswered. I will post a video of it when its up. I’m going to go now!


March 6, 2009

from the sick bed

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Hello, it me again! I guess I need to update what’s up…

1. I have a job. And I love it. I work at Camp BowWow . I love love love the dogs! This is my 3rd week working there and I’m working up to being full time by spring break.

2. Spring Sing is this week and I’m ushering for Saturday afternoon’s show so Beta banquet costs will be $35 instead of $45.

3. My aunt and uncle are coming down for Spring Sing today and are here for the weekend. I don’t think I’d get to see them till after I get home from work tonight, and then I have work at 6:30 am on Saturday so I’ll probably be up before them and then I get off at 10 and get to shower and get ready to usher for the show at 2. I’ll probably try and squeeze a nap in before the show.

4. I have a cold. It was weird how it unfolded. I got home from work  around 3:30 on Tuesday and I got a bloody nose from dry air. Not too long after the nose bleed ended my throat started to feel scratchy. By Wednesday night, I had little to no voice. Yesterday when we were getting the dogs in for their dinner, I could tell for sure that I had a cold. I am going to go to work. Its not a terrible cold where I feel like I need to mope and lay in bed all day (even though I’ve been in bed nearly all morning).

5. I have a doggy calendar in my room. It has an Irish Terrier on it for this month. so cute! can you believe its already March? Time is going by!

6. Don’t forget to change your clocks! Oh and you can go to Arby’s on Sunday and when you order a drink of any size say you changed your time and you’d like to change your burger and you’ll get a free Roastburger. There’s All-American, Bacon, and something with cheese. I think I’d go for the bacon one.

7. I found out today the top 3 Manliest cities. #1 – Nashville, TN. #2 – Charolette, NC. #3 Oklahoma City, OK. Interesting isn’t it? New York City is #50! haha!

8. The weather yesterday was sooo nice! It almost felt like summer! I think I would have enjoyed it a bit more if I was not already feeling warm. I love seeing the daffodils! Flowers are great.

That’s all I have for now. Hope everyone is having a good day and have a great weekend!


December 14, 2008

the job

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I FINALLY have a job since a couple months ago. Where do I work? you are thinking – so I shall tell you. Toys R Us. Ta da! Now you’re probably thinking : WHY? Is she insane?  And the answer is: they were actively hiring and I needed an income, and yes I am probably insane for joining there during their busiest season. They’ve kept me busy the past 5 days, so I’m tired. Not to mention they planned my work times weird last week. I worked 6am – 12 pm, 6 pm-12:20 am, 6 am to 12 pm, and then 6 pm-1:30. That last one was overtime – and it was Saturday into Sunday. And then today I worked 12 pm to 5 pm. Once I stood at the corner of an isle and one person talked to me, then I turned my head and another person talked to me and then I turned my head again and another person talked to me. I also had a time today where I had two people on either side of me that wanted to talk to me. I went into panic mode there… the lady was talking to me first but she let the man go first, in the end. Oh, and the store is quite large and has many items and apparently anyone who works there is supposed to have a data base of all the toy names in their head and can tell exactly where they are. Mmmhmmm. My 3rd day, I was starting to get the hang of where stuff was in the store. 5th day, I know just about as much as the 3rd day – but this time I got to use one of the hand held scanner things. I even got to log on it with a username and password that I got on my training day.

Well, seeing as I am quite tired and will have to be up around 7 am, I should be off to sleep.


September 1, 2008

what’s up doc?

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well! lots has happened since I last posted. I’ve finished my second week of work, a lot of people have come back for school (and since its a private school they start TODAY). Oh and 2 of my friends married each other! My friend Sean picked me up and we had lunch at Panda Express before we got to the church building a half hour early. I sliced a lemon and put it in the pitcher before the wedding started. It was a very beautiful wedding! I got a bit teary eyed a couple times and it didn’t help that my friend Karston leaned over to me and said “don’t cry!” because that just makes you want to cry!! After the ceremony was done, I hurried into the kitchen and started putting the lemonade in the pitcher. We used nearly all of the cups in the cup pyramid. The cake – from Walmart – was really good! I split a slice with Sean as neither of us wanted a whole one. I believe I got home around 4 and after several minutes of being home, I got in the car and went to a farewell party for my friends Tiffany and Traci. They’re going on the study abroad trip to Vienna. It was a pool party, so it was nice to cool off. Got home and had dinner with my parents and my mom’s younger sister and her husband. After dinner we watched some college football and I sewed. I got the first sleeve for the dress I’m making done and now I’m working on sleeve number 2. Still have a ways go to on getting the dress finished. I still have a month and 10 days.

Well, I don’t have work today because its Labor Day! I’m going to go over to campus for most of the day. need to go and get ready to head over. its almost chapel time!


August 22, 2008

week one – new job

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Monday I started a new job. Its a good job and its growing on me. The day seems to go fast and slow at the same time. I answer the phone, send the boss lady emails saying who called and their number and usually they say why they’re calling so I say that too. Some times I make calls to get information for the boss lady to give to clients. Whenever I do make a call, I make sure I write down everything that I want to say on the call. I write down all the questions I need to ask and cover nearly all areas. I mean, it was my first week and I’m learning all of this nearly all on my own. I am the fort holder-downer and the 3 people that share the office space go in and out. On my second day, I ran errands. On my third day, I killed a scorpion by stepping on it – and I was wearing sandals. I got it before it got me. Apparently scorpions have bad eye sight even though they have several eyes. Then Thursday I got to the office and saw that it was covered in ants. I did kill it outside, so its ok that the ants are there. I go in and that morning I killed a spider. I really don’t like spiders anymore – I can’t believe I played with them when I was little! Today was a day. All week I’ve been doing paper shredding and reading a book called Send and its about how to write emails for office and home. A very interesting read if you’re new in the office scene. That’s what I’ve been doing. I’ve got some filing I get to do next week along with more shredding and finishing that book and starting another one on accounting. Mind, I’m terrible at numbers so its the Dummie’s book to Accounting.

Also this week, really Tuesday morning and Thursday afternoon and early evening and each meal time today and tomorrow’s breakfast and lunch – I am helping a family from church while they’re taking their youngest son to Harding and move him in and get him settled. I help the grandma of the family as she has memory problems. I wake her up in the morning and she gets dressed while I make her breakfast. I make her lunch when I get there a bit after noon and I get her dinner of fruit out of the fridge and her Boost drink too and that with bread and some cheese or tuna something like that.

Tomorrow, besides going over and helping her with meals, I get to help freshmen move in to their dorms on campus. It will be a long and interesting day. I nearly forgot where I had put my maintenance shirts earlier this evening! Best be off to bed so I can function tomorrow!


June 26, 2008

3 work days this week!

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So now that I’m back from Ohio, I’m back to work. Wednesday I was back to the old paint brush and we worked in a couple stairwells in one of the buildings on campus. One of our boys, he’s new, gets paint everywhere. I don’t like that he gets paint everywhere even when he has a drop cloth down. But at least he cleans up after himself. The thing is that he doesn’t do it while its fresh, he waits till its almost time to go and then he’ll say he’ll finish cleaning it the next day. I say clean as you go and then when you’re done go back through and make sure its all clean. Sorta like editing a paper. You write it fixing little errors here and there that catch your eye and then you go back through again when you’re done and catch other errors. Anyways, so because he waits for it to be dried paint, he has to use a scraper and some really smelly solvent. I don’t want to go to space camp. The latex paint is bad enough in a place where there is no air movement.
Today I got in and I was called out and told to go and answer the phone in the office and shred paper like I was doing before I left for camp. So I was inside all day away from paint. Away from messy painters. Away from complainers. Mom brought me my laptop and it really saved me from starting a conversation of talking to myself. I chatted with my friend Tim ( Hi Tim) and he saved me from being extremely bored. You are a good friend! I listened to an online radio when I moved myself to the kitchen area to shred paper while the other girl that works in the office took my place answering the phone and she was able to log on the the computer and do stuff with mail. Over all it was a pretty good day. And tomorrow is the same thing. 3 days of work! yay! Well, I’m off to bed now!


p.s. Sorry if I’m bugging you with my different choices of layouts each day – I’m trying to find one that I like and one that doesn’t hurt my mom’s eyes. I really liked the green one with the girl but mom was having trouble reading it. The first one I had was waaaay too pink for me but I liked the hearts and flowers that were at the top. This one has flowers too, but I wish that it was a wider space for the text. At least I can have the widgets with this one!

June 10, 2008

nights 2 and 3

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Night 2 of VBS, we had 8 children. Yes, children. That means that we had a girl in our group!! They were a little rowdy but it wasn’t too bad. Night 3, that was tonight, we had 12!!!! 10 boys and 2 girls. It was INSANE. The boys would not sit still or stop talking. The girls were wonderful, of course. But the thing that really made my night was seeing my friends Tim and Nate! Yes Tim, I know I sent you the link! You are now famous. Bahaha! And you too Mer! Meredeth gave me my first comment! Yay! It was so much fun being able to see them! OOOH! Story time! So after VBS was over tonight, Nate and Tim and I were in the fellowship hall, which also doubled as the collage classroom, and I had noticed Tim was wearing his Keens. So I told him that I am taking mine with me on my trip to Ohio. Nate asked if I had some too. I said I did except mine are blue and smaller. 🙂 Then Nate said that Tim’s shoes could probably go on over my shoes. So, naturally, we tried it out. Tim took off one shoe and I put it on over mine. It fit and there was room to wobble it around a little! So then Tim took the other one off and I put that one on too. I got used to the feeling of his shoes over mine that I didn’t remember I had them on! Then Tim said “can I have my shoes back now?” and I said “Oops! I forgot they were on!” so I went to pull them off but I couldn’t. I tried sitting down and pulling them off but that didn’t work for me either. So then I decided to take my shoes off so we could handle both shoes at the same time without feet being in the way. He was able to get my shoes out of his and put them on then. Then we 3 went out to our cars and went home. It was really great!

I forgot to mention, at work today I shredded paper all day and while I was doing that there was a scorpion inside near my feet! I was rescued by one of the guys, Matt, who trapped it under a plastic lid for a coffee cup and then he picked up the scorpion with some pliers. I was a bit scared. I just know I didn’t like it at all.

Thats all for today!

Super Tracey

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