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January 31, 2009

Home, home, and HOME

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Here’s something that people don’t really think of much. Where do you call home? Is it the place where all your mail is sent? Is it the place where you feel the safest? Is it the place you feel love the most? Or perhaps if you’ve moved its the place where you’ve had a lot of life experiences and memories made there. Oklahoma will always be my home cause its the state I was born in. I’ve lived here the longest. I lived in Minnesota for 6 years. A part of me still calls it home. And then there’s Ohio. I’ve never lived there, but I feel good when I’m there. Nearly all my dad’s side of the family is there, I’ve made some pretty great friends from a church camp in Ohio, and I like to claim Ohio State University’s football team as My Team. Back in November I got to be home in Ohio, home in Minnesota, and home in Oklahoma on the same day. I’ve been happy before, but it was great!

The Tuesday of the week before Thanksgiving week, I headed over to a salon and I got my hair cut. I have been getting my hair trimmed for about 3 years seeing as it was 3 and a half years ago that I had my hair chopped off. I had 14 inches of hair braided together and cut off and then had another inch off to level it all out. I felt light and free! I went home and weighed the braid and it was 3.4 ounces. And then some of my friends saw it. A couple of them didn’t recognize me which made seeing their reactions even more fun. Even now, some people that haven’t seen me in a while are still a bit shocked to see my hair this short.

As of late, I’m still 20, single, job less, and enjoying sunshine. I felt a bit trapped during this past week when we had freezing rain for 2 days in a row. I walked over to campus to see my friends and then I walked home just in time for dinner. Yesterday it was up to about 60 degrees and all the ice was melting! I took my dog on a nice walk, got some tickets for me and my friend Keri for a dessert theater that my high school is putting on. I went and said hi to some teachers and talked with my librarians while I was there. They loved my hair. Oh and I hung out on campus some before I took my dog on a walk. I watched a couple movies with some friends last night. Right now I’m waiting for laundry in the dryer to finish up. Shouldn’t be too much longer. I’ve got my violin out. it keeps going out of tune. I’m letting it get used to the temperature in my room. it’ll be warmer most likely in one of the practice rooms on campus though. oh well.

Have a nice weekend!



January 22, 2009

lights off

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The weather has been pretty good for January and its 68 right now and its supposed to go up 10 more degrees today! the 22nd of January! Is spring going to come early this year? I enjoy this warm weather very much and it makes me look forward to summer even though its months away. About half of the Christmas lights are off the house and I’m the one thats taken them off so far. I’ve taken off all I can reach via small wooden ladder and a stick and walking on the roof. I don’t like getting onto the roof by climbing up the ladder and then trying to keep balance while getting onto the roof. It just shakes me up cause I have a fear of falling and being in that position I feel more likely to fall than the way I prefer to get on the roof. My bathroom window is perfect to climb out of. I slide open the window, step up onto the tub and swing one leg up and through the open space and then hoist myself up so I’m sitting in the window sill with one leg in and one leg out. then I hold onto the frame and twist my body to where I can bring my other leg out and then I’m on the roof. Its sorta like climbing on boulders which I liked to do when we were on vacation in Maine and Nova Scotia. I climbed out and got a string of lights off the roof  unsupervised but don’t worry, I didn’t fall or get hurt or anything. if I needed any help, I could have used my cell phone to call my mom or I could have yelled to my dad who was in the back yard. When my dad and I were putting the lights on, I had gotten on the roof via ladder and I didn’t want to get down that way, so I sat down on the roof and pulled out my cell phone and called my mom to come and pull open my blinds so I could come in through my window.

Well, I suppose I should go and finish getting the lights off with dad.


January 12, 2009

they’re home

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Last night after church, my friends Alyssa and Phillip hosted a back to school BBQ in their little apartment. My friend Amanda ran to the door to get there before me and so she was let in and then the door started to be closed on me and so I hit it and yelled. It was jerked back open and my friend Karston said “I didn’t see you there!” Anna and Josh were soon behind. We all chatted and laughed about things that happened last semester and some talked about classes they’ll be having. Then the meat was brought out. I spotted where the plates and plastic ware was so I got mine and went for it. People followed suit very fast. And there was baked beans and potato salad and corn on the cobb and of course Alyssa’s AMAZING green beans!  It was delicious! We had 12 people eating, then Lori’s brother came and he ate but then he had to go soon afterwards. About an hour after the party “started” our friends Nate and Cameron came in as Cameron had just gotten back and Nate went to get him from the airport. Alyssa hugged him first as she was right at the door and then I was already standing right in front of him so I gave him a hug. And then I felt someone else latch on when I was hugging him. And then another person. I think I might have heard someone say “let him breathe!” and people started to get out of the group hug. Cameron and I found it amusing. While Cameron and Nate were eating, we started a game that we did at my house at my birthday party back in 2007. What we do is we come up with a question like : What character from any movie or book does the person to the right remind you of?   And then we set limits on what books you can’t choose from (which made it harder for some people). On that question, we were going the 2nd person to your right and you couldn’t choose someone from Harry Potter, Twilight, or some other book (the title escapes my mind). Nate said that I would be Mr. Thomas (meaning Tumnus)  from Chronicles of Narnia since he couldn’t pick Luna from Harry Potter. We ended the party with root beer floats. It was a lot of fun and it was great to be back with nearly all my friends! We are still waiting for Hannah and Naomi to get in tonight at the airport at 11. I don’t know who they’re going to have pick them up.

Have a good day!


January 6, 2009

happy new year…6 days late

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I may have mentioned last year that I was working for Toys R Us. Their gift to me was letting me work for them for 3-ish weeks and I got two pay checks. I’ve left 2008 jobless and entered 2009 jobless. It has been 6 weeks though, since I had interviews. I had 3 in one week. I just got off the phone with a lady that works PR for the library system. There is still hope that I’ll be working at a library, and that makes me happy.

On a sadder note, Ohio State lost to Texas last night. We were SOO CLOSE to winning and then Texas got that last touchdown and all the happiness drained out of our house. If I recall correctly, I screamed when Texas got the last touchdown of the game. I was so upset that I went straight to bed at 11:30 and I slept till nearly 10.

On a different note, my friends are starting to come back this weekend! I got to see my friends Anna and Tim between Christmas and New Years Eve and my friend Brandy stayed at my house Saturday night. I also so her boy friend Jay on Sunday, which was also his birthday. Other than that, those are the only friends from OC that I’ve seen this break. It will be nice to see them again!

I’ve been listening to Brisingr by Christopher Paolini for the past couple days. I have read the first two books and was going to borrow a friend’s book but others kept reading it before me and while I was at Tim’s house he gave me the audio for the book. (Thanks Tim!) I am enjoying the story very much. I recommend it if you haven’t read them. Another book I’ve read is Enna Burning. It its the sequel to The Goose Girl, which is originally is a traditional German fairy tale most commonly known by The Brothers Grimm. Shannon Hale took the story and added some more to The Goose Girl and made it a fantastic tale. Enna Burning is about Isi’s friend Enna who helps with the war between her country and helps bring peace by using fire-speak. She becomes overwhelmed by the power of the fire and Isi and one of their friends from the forest people help Enna. Isi was also being overwhelmed by the wind as she could command the wind. In the end, Isi and Enna helped each other and the war was over by the time they returned back to their country. (Oh, and Isi is also the queen!)  I enjoyed both of them very much.

Have a good day and happy new year again!


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