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July 31, 2008

here I go again!

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Tomorrow morning I am heading off to my friend Anna’s for the weekend! I am so excited to get to spend the weekend with her! And of course she couldn’t even express her happiness when I talked to her on the phone yesterday when I said “see you Friday!” cause where she lives, there’s nothing to do except go to Wal-Mart and have fun in the toy section. I have seen Annetta, Jennifer, James, Amanda, Alyssa, Phillip, Robbie, Karston, and Tommy. I’ve chatted on the phone and/or IM with Lori, Josh, Anna, Cameron, Nate, Cowboy , Brandy and Kenneth. Oh and Kim called me one day. And I’ve talked with Hannah and Naomi. And Taylor. I’ve been pretty much in contact with everyone from my group of friends this summer.

Speaking of friends and going somewhere, this fall my friends and I are going down to Houston for the big Renaissance Festival – its on its 34th year and its supposed to be one of the best festivals ever! Lori says they go all out there, so we figured we might as well get into it too! More than when we went to the one in Norman. In fact, I’m making a dress for it. I can’t wait! Well, I’m out!



July 25, 2008

time flies!

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Wow. This week has gone by so fast! It only seems like it was the other day that I was complaining that it was a Monday again. Then Tuesday I couldn’t believe that the next day was Wednesday and then it was Wednesday and I was at church. We had a combined class – college and honeymooners class I believe. Then Thursday I went to work and mom and dad went to Dallas. That night our dog wouldn’t stop barking till I had him in my room all night. Then he woke me up at 4:23 this morning cause he needed to go out. I was woken up again by him barking at 5:30, so I got up again to let him back in. Then I got up at 7 and I realize that its FRIDAY. I packed a lunch for myself and then ate breakfast and talked to my daddy and then put some chemicals in the pool and fed the dog and by then it was time to get dressed and go to work. Morning went fast, came home and let the dog out and watered the plants and then let him back in and grabbed my bag and had lunch back at campus with my friends Meredeth and Jill. Back to work at 1 and then all of the sudden its 4:15ish and we’re told to clean up everything and come back to the shop ASAP. I got home about 20-30 minutes early. Now what was I going to have for dinner? I had no idea. Then I remembered that we had a hamburger patty that only needed warming up. Ok, so I’ll have that but I can’t just have that – I need more than a burger for dinner. So I open all the cabinet doors and look around. Hey look! Pasta! Now what can I do with that? So I boiled some water and let my mind take over. I drained it, put the pasta back in the pot, put some milk in, grated some cheese in, a little flour to thicken it up, picked 4 basil leaves and chopped them and threw those in. Oh, and don’t forget a little broccoli. It was goooooood! Needed a little more cheese I think but it was still good. I also have a friend’s bread maker and so I decided to make bread. It still smells good in the house from baking it. 🙂 Mom and dad should be home soon seeing as they left Dallas around 7:30 and its nearly 10:30 and its about a 3 hour drive. I’m watching House. Tomorrow, 3 of my guy friends are coming up for lunch with me. They’re deciding tonight where we’re going to eat cause there are more of them than there are of me and they can totally eat more than I can. haha! I can’t wait to see them! I wonder when my fun weekends will start to dwindle till school starts up again?


July 21, 2008

a great week

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Last week was a great week! Sunday night started out our Vacation Bible School (VBS) and that lasted till Wednesday night. It was Daniel : Lion tested, God approved. It was a little weird not being in the drama or being a tribal leader or working out in the marketplace. It was kinda nice to have a break from all the hectic things of VBS though. Then on Thursday night, I went to the public library and was one of the attendees of a concert. Not just any concert, this was a Wizard Rock concert. The local band Ginny and the Heartbreakers kicked us off and were followed by Justin Finch-Fletchly and the Sugar Quills. The Mudbloods, a band from Austin, was next – I got a picture with their drummer. Then The Whomping Willows played and the wonderful Alex Carpenter finished up the concert by leading The Remus Lupins! I got a picture with him on my cell phone cause the battery died on the camera I had. Friday afternoon I left with 4 friends from the college class at church and we did a road trip down to Dallas and stayed the night at one of the girl’s house. Saturday we went to Six Flags over Texas and drove home that night. It was a really great week! Well, now I need to get back to work!


July 10, 2008

I love my friends

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Today was a great day!  I got to see my friends Alyssa, Phillip, and Amanda.  I found Amanda in the library just before three and then we met the other two at the top of the hill where my group of friends hung out.  We talked there for a longtime so it seemed.  We decided to go to Sonic since it was happy hour.  At 4:45 I took them back to campus and then went home and had dinner.  We had decided before I went home that we wanted to see a movie together.  We saw Hancock.  It was good, but I didn’t care for the foul language that Hollywood likes to add in.  Our friend Annetta drove Alyssa, Philip, and Amanda to the movie theater and I met them there.  After the movie I took command of them and I made spaghetti.  Just kidding!  I took Amanda back to campus and she drove home and then I did the same.  And now I am playing with the speech recognition device on my laptop and have to use my headset to talk to make it work.  That was going to try to record something audio for me but my audacity is being weird and isn’t working.  O well.  Guess it’s all.


July 9, 2008

how exciting!

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Have you ever had one of those times in your life where you’re walking through somewhere and then you realize that someone rich and famous was here just last week? or that you saw this very same place in a movie? That’s sorta what I was feeling this afternoon around 1 o’clock. I was back at work and we were going to finish up doing ceiling tiles in the first floor of the halls of the gymnasium and the man that is in charge of landscaping at our campus comes up to the driver of the truck I was in and says we can’t go in and work because the President of the school is about to go in and talk to the owner of the Sonic’s basketball team. Well, the no-name Oklahoma NBA team. I hope they get a good name and that it isn’t something stupid. Anyways – this guy is like… a billionaire and he was there. Within 100 feet of me. I never saw him. I just knew he was there. and he was 2 hours early. BUT ITS STILL COOL!


July 6, 2008


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so, I like to look at how many views I’ve had on my blog each day and I just looked and I had 10 views!!! That’s the most views I’ve had since I started blogging! Thanks to everyone that’s been stopping by and reading!


July 5, 2008

2 days of patriotic fun!

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How was my Independence Day you ask? well it was 2 days of fun! I guess… I mean cause the 3rd of July isn’t our day that we remember as the day we take for our independence from England and I did have work… but the thing is that I got off work early and got to vlog at a friend’s house cause she hasn’t done a vlog in a couple months – literally. And then I got home and cleaned up and went to another friend’s house and there were at least 100 people there. The father of the family that hosts this party every year is a fireman and had to work on the 4th so they scheduled the party a day early! The food was good, the company was excellent, and the entertainment – also known as the fireworks – were pretty good for being set off unprofessionally. Don’t be alarmed now, there were 2 very large fire extinguishers down where they were and I’m sure there were more elsewhere. Here’s a picture of a firework I took from their roof/

On Friday the 4th, I slept in till 10 – and that was really nice. I missed the parade. Oh well. I did make a little chicken salad for lunch and then dad ended up grilling hot dogs. Both were good. Then we watched some JAG and NCIS cause they’re both really good shows and it was a marathon so it was even better! Then some friends from church came over and we swam till about 4:35. We had ribs for dinner after our guests left. around 9 is when dad and I left the house to get a good spot to watch the fireworks that were fired off from UCO’s football field. The Target parking lot worked well for us last year so that’s where we ended up! Good show. Went home and got to bed. It’s been a good couple of days. Hope everyone was safe! and now for a picture of Super Tracey flying off into the sunset


July 1, 2008


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Happy Canada Day! I’ve been there for Canada Day once and I had fun. Even if we stopped for 20-30 minutes and had cake and got free flags and pins of the flag. . .  And happy 4th of July! and happy whatever two national holidays are in Rwanda this week! I have a friend working in the internationals department at OC and so she told me about the new Rwandan students supposed to be coming on Saturday. Only one of the Japanese students have been able to come so far and her name is Anna. Meredeth, the one that works in that office, and Anna and I went to Sonic for dinner and Anna had Sonic for the first time – she loved it! Then our friend Ryan met us as we were finishing up our dinner and then we went over to the dollar theater for half price Tuesday. Our friend Crystal was there waiting for us and Ryan’s roommate Cory got there a little late and so he couldn’t find us in the theater. It is so nice to be able to see a movie for 50 cents! It’s a dumpy little theater but its worth the drive there and the dollar – or in our case fifty cents. Thats something to be happy about too. And you can also be happy about spending time with your friends. You can also be happy about going to bed, and I think that’s what I’ll do now.


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