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June 15, 2009

A description of Fort Hill campsite

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A year ago, I was at church camp in Hillsboro,Ohio. Let me paint a picture for you with my words. When coming down the road to the camp site, you pass by towering trees with deep green leaves. When at the entrance, wooden planks between rock pillars bear the engraving: Fort Hill Christian Youth Camp.  While coming around the drive, a look to the right presents a vast field of long bladed grass as well as a sand volleyball and a basketball court. Out of site because of a line of trees are the fire pit and the swimming pool. To the left sits an old pavilion where girls have their morning devotionals every day, and next to it is the manager’s cabin. The gravel drive way loops around the flag circle. The flag circle is the place where everyone meets together first thing in the morning. The flag pole is in the middle of the circle and there are benches that are several feet away from the pole in all directions. Behind the benches are bushes and other plants. West of the flag circle is the mess hall and the cooks cabin. East of the flag circle is the blacktop area where campers play 4 square, volleyball, and also have crafts time. Just east of that is another basketball court and also five our six poles to play tether ball. North of that are two buildings and a small playground. The building closest to the blacktop and the basketball court is the canteen/nurses office and cabin. The one further from the afore mentioned places, is the assembly hall where we meet for evening church service every night after dinner, silly songs before dinner, and occasionally we will have skit night in there. The boys have their morning devotionals in there too. Everything east of the places I’ve talked about so far are the cabins. The girls cabins are very close to the assembly hall and nurse’s cabin. There is a field, or a lawn if that is what you’d want to call it, that separates the girls side of camp from the boys side of camp. In that lawn area is where we have our games of kickball. There are five boys cabins and a a community washroom for them. The girls have six or seven cabins now, I believe there used to be only five and then one was being built my last year as a camper and then another one was built after that one. The archery pavilion is close by. The rear entrance comes from further east of the archery pavilion and goes up the row of cabins and the girls washroom and the assembly hall and connects to the loop of the drive that I talked about at the beginning. We also have a field that we play softball on. There is a creek that we cross to get to it. The creek wraps from the east side of the camp site down to the south and heads west, creating a boarder for the camp. All the colors are rich, bright, and full of life. The sunrises and sunsets are beautiful with the tree covered hills and mountains(well I call them mountains haha!). I took a black and white picture of looking down the road from the main entrance to the camp site. I’ll try and get that up soon.


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