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September 3, 2009

long time since

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Do you remember childhood memories and think “boy, it sure has been a long time since I_____” and fill in the blank with something you’ve not done since then. I’ve had QUITE the time thinking that this afternoon. The house that my parents and I lived in is now for rent and since the place is EMPTY, I went and I looked around outside to see what I could remember from pictures and videos and actual memories. I remembered finding a box turtle and naming it Myrtle (the turtle) and how dad made a balance beam for me to play on – that’s gone now. And I also remember 2 trees in the back yard – there’s only one now and its very very tall. I went and pointed out to myself where my parent’s bedroom was, I peeked through a window to the “dining room” and I couldn’t believe it – the floor still has vinyl on it! I think I spilled something pink or red on the floor when I was little and I don’t remember if it stained or not. I couldn’t tell if it was when I was looking in. The back door isn’t a sliding glass door anymore, which makes me sad. Instead they’re French doors very similar to the ones on our current house. I realized that the honeysuckle bush was gone (I think) on my way out of the back yard. I found the window that was for my room. It still has a “Tot Finder” sticker on the window so firefighters would know that there is a small child in the house. I do remember that there were at least 2 trees in the front yard. They’re both gone. Instead, there’s a huge bush. I hate that bush. There are 2 rose bushes in the front too. I’m okay with them. Its just kinda weird for me to walk through the front yard and remember a time when we actually had snow and mom and I made a snow man, or that I would walk on the curb pretending that I was on a really long balance beam and end up falling and hobble back to the house to get bandaged up. What I think I’d really like to do though, is walk through the house. There’s a part of me that says “call the number on the sign” to see how much it would be to rent the house. Then there’s another part of me that says “just admire from the street, you probably can’t afford it” which is probably true right now. But hey, it would be kinda really cool for me to live there again. That’s my opinion anyway.

Hope everyone has a great weekend – Labor Day is coming up! This weekend my boyfriend Justin is coming up – Saturday is our one month of dating. We’re going on a double date with our friends Mer and Chase and Monday Justin and I are going to the National Cowboy Hall of Fame! We have free passes (thanks to dad really – or would it be the OBI?)

Ta ta,



August 4, 2009

get ready for a move

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Hello! I’ve been working on a site of my own, but its not finished yet! Still some tweeks here and there and some more pictures probably…

But what have I been up to? This blog has taken a long break. Well, I’m back at work after having a week off for vacation last month. Some girls I went to high school with and I went down to South Padre Island and Corpus Christi, Texas. It was a lot of fun at the beach and it was certainly very very nice to get to sleep in some. I do think that I got to catch up on sleep. And lately I’ve not had all week being the morning shift, which is very enjoyable. I have been wanting more afternoon shifts. Hopefully I’ll have more than one afternoon shift next week. Boss and her husband decided to take a little vacation at a cabin on a lake this week. We also got the results for our inspection last week – 96! 4 paws! we were sooo happy at work. I heard that last year our score was 93, so much better this year!

Before I went on vacation, there was a very busy week. It was vacation bible school and I was in the drama 3 nights. most of it was for singing, but there was one scene that I was in that I had a speaking part. I am so glad that I don’t have to wear make up all the time because it is a bit of a pain to take off. and put on now that I think of it, especially stage make up.  The same week of VBS was the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince movie. I saw it twice on the same day! I also saw it last week with my friend Katy, and that was a lot of fun! 🙂

I think that might be all for now, I should go and do that tweeking on the site. That’s not up yet.

Buena! Tracey

April 1, 2009

not fooling

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Today is April the first, known as April Fool’s day. I believe that no tricks were played on me this day… if there were they were well hidden from my knowlege. I didn’t play any tricks on people today. I don’t usually play tricks – I usually just sneak up on people. Today was my day off work and I had a pretty good day…up until about a half hour ago when I realized that I felt really warm and went and took my temperature. It’s 102! I haven’t had a temperature that high in a LONG time. So under mother orders (and my friend Anna) I am to stay in bed. So, here I am sitting in bed and I realize I haven’t updated my blog in a while!

Work is going well, it is wearing me out physically though. I went to the chiropractor today and he took X-rays of my neck and my back – YIKES!  A protractor (it looks like a D and is used for measuring angles) was put up to a picture of a X-ray of a near normal neck and the curvature of it matched the arch perfectly. He put it up against my X-ray and it kinda freaked me out a little cause my neck was more straight than curved. I also saw that the left side of my hip isn’t even with the right side of my hip…its just a tad bit lower. And of course there is stuff in the middle that would need to be readjusted anyway. I remember my first time at the chiropractor’s office – it was back in 5th grade if I’m remembering right. My shoulders and hips were not even, therefore rendering me knock kneed. The pressure I was unused to and so it hurt but then after it was popped into place I wouldn’t feel pain there anymore. I also had a low pain tollerance back then too but now just the sound of it popping is what buggs me, but not too much.

Well, I’m getting rather warm so I’m going to turn down my space heater a bit and see if I can get a little rest.


February 14, 2009

Friday 13th and Valentines Day

Hello again! Well, yesterday was Friday the 13th, so I decided to wear all black. I didn’t have any bad luck at all! Quite the oposite. I got to hand out my Harry Potter valentine cards to my friends, I had a job interview at a doggy daycare called Camp Bowwow and I got the job! I start Monday morning – I’m excited. Then I went to Walmart to get some things I need for a dish that I am making for a little dinner party. Some of the people at the school’s apartments have a potluck dinner and I was invited to come so I said I’d make my chicken, tomato and pasta salad with the basil vinegrette because it makes a lot. I said that on Wednesday night. I found out Friday, yesterday, that it is going to be the main dish of the night! I got the chicken shredded last night before dinner. Today I shall dice the tomatos and boil the pasta. I think I will do that at someone’s apartment so they will be fresher at dinner time. I will make the vinegrette this afternoon though. It takes a bit of time to work on it, so I’ll just use the kitchen for as long as I need. Oh! Another thing that happened yesterday was my friend Keri and I went to my high school and went to a dessert theater – instead of a dinner theater. It was really good! We enjoyed it soo much! The show was titled “Find Your Grail” and had songs from a lot of musicals. Keri and I were very quietly singing along to some of them. I am very glad that my friend Brian who is a Senior got to have a solo. Seconds after he had started singing, Keri leaned over to me and said “From the moment he started singing I melted like butter!”  That made me laugh. He did a fantastic job! After the show I gave him a huge hug! He said he legs were hurting a lot. One of the other guys in the show said that this was the most physically demanding show that our high school has done and I agree! It was a very delightful evening.

This morning I wake up to my radio, the smell of pancakes or waffles, and some dark thing floating close to my bed. I sit up and get a closer look – its a balloon that looks like a rose and its tied around a box of Pirates of the Caribbean valentine cards for me to use next year. The smell of breakfast always seems to waft up to my room and wake me up. My tummy is now telling me to wrap this up and go down and get some!

Happy Valentines Day!


December 9, 2008

Merry Christmas!

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For the holiday season, I’ve changed my blog’s appearance cause I thought that would be fun.

Can you believe its already 9 days in to the month of December? 10 days ago I had my birthday and now the hustle and bustle to get Christmas gifts is under way. I start my new job at Toys R Us at 6 am, so it should prove to be an interesting experience as I will be working the floor.

The halls are decked – rather the rooms downstairs – in our house. Mom put me in charge of decorating since their class party is at our house this year. I did about half of the actual decorating of the house cause mom did some stuff too, dad helped me get the lights on the roof (and it was fun walking on the roof – I didn’t like the thought of going back down the ladder so I called mom and asked her to open my bathroom window so I could climb in that way). Dad and I put the tree in the base the other day, but I put those lights on and the ornaments all by myself. I also have to water it. Its amazing how long it can take for a medium sized tree to be decorated. I think I took 3 hours – I had lunch while working on it too.

Well, I think I’ll go out and get some things that we need before tomorrow.


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