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December 20, 2008

Try something new

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I went to one of the city parks with my friend Steven. We rode our bikes and did some geocaching. Its like a treasure hunt only after you’ve found it, you hide it again for someone else to find it. He’s done it quite a bit and this was my first time. It was a lot of fun! We got around the park on bike and used its trails. Supposedly there are 8 in the park we went to. Of the five locations we visited, we found three and a half. How did we find half of one? We couldn’t find the container for the log book and the little items that would have been in the cach. I think we were out for about two hours. We got good exercise and fresh air, and we got to walk through trees and brush (and thorns – scraped my hand and had a thorn stuck in the side of my thumb) and enjoy each others company. If you ever needed a hobby and had the time to figure out the coordinates and enter them into your GPS, geocaching would be a great thing for a family to do for an outing. Of course you would need to do it in a place where the terrain isn’t too harsh for smaller children otherwise it could get too hard for them. It is a great game of hide and seek (and hide again)! I hope that I get to find some more later!



December 14, 2008

the job

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I FINALLY have a job since a couple months ago. Where do I work? you are thinking – so I shall tell you. Toys R Us. Ta da! Now you’re probably thinking : WHY? Is she insane?  And the answer is: they were actively hiring and I needed an income, and yes I am probably insane for joining there during their busiest season. They’ve kept me busy the past 5 days, so I’m tired. Not to mention they planned my work times weird last week. I worked 6am – 12 pm, 6 pm-12:20 am, 6 am to 12 pm, and then 6 pm-1:30. That last one was overtime – and it was Saturday into Sunday. And then today I worked 12 pm to 5 pm. Once I stood at the corner of an isle and one person talked to me, then I turned my head and another person talked to me and then I turned my head again and another person talked to me. I also had a time today where I had two people on either side of me that wanted to talk to me. I went into panic mode there… the lady was talking to me first but she let the man go first, in the end. Oh, and the store is quite large and has many items and apparently anyone who works there is supposed to have a data base of all the toy names in their head and can tell exactly where they are. Mmmhmmm. My 3rd day, I was starting to get the hang of where stuff was in the store. 5th day, I know just about as much as the 3rd day – but this time I got to use one of the hand held scanner things. I even got to log on it with a username and password that I got on my training day.

Well, seeing as I am quite tired and will have to be up around 7 am, I should be off to sleep.


December 9, 2008

Merry Christmas!

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For the holiday season, I’ve changed my blog’s appearance cause I thought that would be fun.

Can you believe its already 9 days in to the month of December? 10 days ago I had my birthday and now the hustle and bustle to get Christmas gifts is under way. I start my new job at Toys R Us at 6 am, so it should prove to be an interesting experience as I will be working the floor.

The halls are decked – rather the rooms downstairs – in our house. Mom put me in charge of decorating since their class party is at our house this year. I did about half of the actual decorating of the house cause mom did some stuff too, dad helped me get the lights on the roof (and it was fun walking on the roof – I didn’t like the thought of going back down the ladder so I called mom and asked her to open my bathroom window so I could climb in that way). Dad and I put the tree in the base the other day, but I put those lights on and the ornaments all by myself. I also have to water it. Its amazing how long it can take for a medium sized tree to be decorated. I think I took 3 hours – I had lunch while working on it too.

Well, I think I’ll go out and get some things that we need before tomorrow.


December 1, 2008

Happy birthday to…

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This past week there have been a lot of birthdays of people I know! The past couple days up to now, I’ve gotten to say happy birthday to my friends Tim, Tara, Heather, Kyle, Hudson, Marquis, and James. Oh, and I guess I’ve said happy birthday to me too! Last night I had a little party. Friends came and went seeing as they had some work to do, some stayed there and did their work. We had Star Wars: Return of the Jedi on tv. I returned home with 2 1/2 slices of cake and some gingerbread cookies. The ice cream disappeared. It was good fun and a nice way to move from being a teen to a tween.

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