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January 31, 2009

Home, home, and HOME

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Here’s something that people don’t really think of much. Where do you call home? Is it the place where all your mail is sent? Is it the place where you feel the safest? Is it the place you feel love the most? Or perhaps if you’ve moved its the place where you’ve had a lot of life experiences and memories made there. Oklahoma will always be my home cause its the state I was born in. I’ve lived here the longest. I lived in Minnesota for 6 years. A part of me still calls it home. And then there’s Ohio. I’ve never lived there, but I feel good when I’m there. Nearly all my dad’s side of the family is there, I’ve made some pretty great friends from a church camp in Ohio, and I like to claim Ohio State University’s football team as My Team. Back in November I got to be home in Ohio, home in Minnesota, and home in Oklahoma on the same day. I’ve been happy before, but it was great!

The Tuesday of the week before Thanksgiving week, I headed over to a salon and I got my hair cut. I have been getting my hair trimmed for about 3 years seeing as it was 3 and a half years ago that I had my hair chopped off. I had 14 inches of hair braided together and cut off and then had another inch off to level it all out. I felt light and free! I went home and weighed the braid and it was 3.4 ounces. And then some of my friends saw it. A couple of them didn’t recognize me which made seeing their reactions even more fun. Even now, some people that haven’t seen me in a while are still a bit shocked to see my hair this short.

As of late, I’m still 20, single, job less, and enjoying sunshine. I felt a bit trapped during this past week when we had freezing rain for 2 days in a row. I walked over to campus to see my friends and then I walked home just in time for dinner. Yesterday it was up to about 60 degrees and all the ice was melting! I took my dog on a nice walk, got some tickets for me and my friend Keri for a dessert theater that my high school is putting on. I went and said hi to some teachers and talked with my librarians while I was there. They loved my hair. Oh and I hung out on campus some before I took my dog on a walk. I watched a couple movies with some friends last night. Right now I’m waiting for laundry in the dryer to finish up. Shouldn’t be too much longer. I’ve got my violin out. it keeps going out of tune. I’m letting it get used to the temperature in my room. it’ll be warmer most likely in one of the practice rooms on campus though. oh well.

Have a nice weekend!



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