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September 3, 2009

long time since

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Do you remember childhood memories and think “boy, it sure has been a long time since I_____” and fill in the blank with something you’ve not done since then. I’ve had QUITE the time thinking that this afternoon. The house that my parents and I lived in is now for rent and since the place is EMPTY, I went and I looked around outside to see what I could remember from pictures and videos and actual memories. I remembered finding a box turtle and naming it Myrtle (the turtle) and how dad made a balance beam for me to play on – that’s gone now. And I also remember 2 trees in the back yard – there’s only one now and its very very tall. I went and pointed out to myself where my parent’s bedroom was, I peeked through a window to the “dining room” and I couldn’t believe it – the floor still has vinyl on it! I think I spilled something pink or red on the floor when I was little and I don’t remember if it stained or not. I couldn’t tell if it was when I was looking in. The back door isn’t a sliding glass door anymore, which makes me sad. Instead they’re French doors very similar to the ones on our current house. I realized that the honeysuckle bush was gone (I think) on my way out of the back yard. I found the window that was for my room. It still has a “Tot Finder” sticker on the window so firefighters would know that there is a small child in the house. I do remember that there were at least 2 trees in the front yard. They’re both gone. Instead, there’s a huge bush. I hate that bush. There are 2 rose bushes in the front too. I’m okay with them. Its just kinda weird for me to walk through the front yard and remember a time when we actually had snow and mom and I made a snow man, or that I would walk on the curb pretending that I was on a really long balance beam and end up falling and hobble back to the house to get bandaged up. What I think I’d really like to do though, is walk through the house. There’s a part of me that says “call the number on the sign” to see how much it would be to rent the house. Then there’s another part of me that says “just admire from the street, you probably can’t afford it” which is probably true right now. But hey, it would be kinda really cool for me to live there again. That’s my opinion anyway.

Hope everyone has a great weekend – Labor Day is coming up! This weekend my boyfriend Justin is coming up – Saturday is our one month of dating. We’re going on a double date with our friends Mer and Chase and Monday Justin and I are going to the National Cowboy Hall of Fame! We have free passes (thanks to dad really – or would it be the OBI?)

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