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November 14, 2008

New Half-Blood Prince trailer!

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As most of my friends know, I am a big Harry Potter fan. In fact, last night I watched the beginning of GoF (Goblet of Fire) last night with my friend Talia. This morning I checked my facebook and I had a notification that there was some big news on one of the biggest Harry Potter news sites, MuggleNet. To my delight, it was the latest HBP (Half-Blood Prince) movie trailer! And, for your enjoyment, I am putting it up. The first video is the first trailer that came out. The second is the new one. The third one is the International Trailer.


November 10, 2008

a rainy day plus

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What’s good on rainy days? homemade soup. Mom made some for lunch. I think the cheese was put in at the wrong time and so it didn’t melt right, therefore leaving gobs of cheese stuck to the veggies. It was still delicious. I will also be fixing some chili for myself for my dinner tonight. I had pancakes this morning that was really good! I like having cinnamon in my pancakes, so I put the spice in with the other dry goods and it had an even and subtle taste of cinnamon. The syrup made the cinnamon stand out. It was goooood!

Another thing that is good to do on a rainy day that ends up being very overcast but no downpour – is to do some errands. I went to a couple book stores and walked around a bit thinking about what would distract me if I worked there. I’m very comfortable around the inside of B&N because I’ve been going to those stores for a long time. The only thing I could think of what would distract me is a new book release of a series I have read in the past. The other store I visited had a very high ceiling and it looked even higher with it being dark colored. Also the lighting seemed a bit poor compared to B&N and I like decent lighting when I’m around books (most of the time). There were also a lot of odds and ends that were fluffy and/or shiny and those would distract me very much, so I didn’t get an application there. After the book stores, I went over to Walmart. We were in need of some food items in the kitchen, so I volunteered to get them while I was out. I found everything just fine except for raisins! I marched up and down the isles, very surprised at how many people were there at 3 something in the afternoon, and I walked right by the raisins 2 or 3 times!

In other news which has happened over the past few weeks, I had a wreck and we sold that car and now I have a new one. I also rolled my ankle while walking the dog. I was in a production sort of thing with Shirley Jones and Patrick Cassidy and I have pictures with them! I saw the school’s homecoming show – Guys and Dolls – and it was great! Went to the girls homecoming soccer game and we won 2-1!  That’s all I can really think of.


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