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August 4, 2009

get ready for a move

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Hello! I’ve been working on a site of my own, but its not finished yet! Still some tweeks here and there and some more pictures probably…

But what have I been up to? This blog has taken a long break. Well, I’m back at work after having a week off for vacation last month. Some girls I went to high school with and I went down to South Padre Island and Corpus Christi, Texas. It was a lot of fun at the beach and it was certainly very very nice to get to sleep in some. I do think that I got to catch up on sleep. And lately I’ve not had all week being the morning shift, which is very enjoyable. I have been wanting more afternoon shifts. Hopefully I’ll have more than one afternoon shift next week. Boss and her husband decided to take a little vacation at a cabin on a lake this week. We also got the results for our inspection last week – 96! 4 paws! we were sooo happy at work. I heard that last year our score was 93, so much better this year!

Before I went on vacation, there was a very busy week. It was vacation bible school and I was in the drama 3 nights. most of it was for singing, but there was one scene that I was in that I had a speaking part. I am so glad that I don’t have to wear make up all the time because it is a bit of a pain to take off. and put on now that I think of it, especially stage make up.  The same week of VBS was the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince movie. I saw it twice on the same day! I also saw it last week with my friend Katy, and that was a lot of fun! 🙂

I think that might be all for now, I should go and do that tweeking on the site. That’s not up yet.

Buena! Tracey


July 21, 2008

a great week

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Last week was a great week! Sunday night started out our Vacation Bible School (VBS) and that lasted till Wednesday night. It was Daniel : Lion tested, God approved. It was a little weird not being in the drama or being a tribal leader or working out in the marketplace. It was kinda nice to have a break from all the hectic things of VBS though. Then on Thursday night, I went to the public library and was one of the attendees of a concert. Not just any concert, this was a Wizard Rock concert. The local band Ginny and the Heartbreakers kicked us off and were followed by Justin Finch-Fletchly and the Sugar Quills. The Mudbloods, a band from Austin, was next – I got a picture with their drummer. Then The Whomping Willows played and the wonderful Alex Carpenter finished up the concert by leading The Remus Lupins! I got a picture with him on my cell phone cause the battery died on the camera I had. Friday afternoon I left with 4 friends from the college class at church and we did a road trip down to Dallas and stayed the night at one of the girl’s house. Saturday we went to Six Flags over Texas and drove home that night. It was a really great week! Well, now I need to get back to work!


June 28, 2008


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Today at my house was going to be the college class from church’s pool party cause we have one in our backyard. Well, some time early this morning it started raining and when I woke up around 8:30 it was still a bit rainy. I thought “Oh, it’ll clear up like it did yesterday for mom and it’ll be fine” but then the intern for the campus minister at church who actually asked me if we could have one at the house called me and said we should probably cancel cause it looked like there were going to be more storms all afternoon. The party would have started 2 hours and 15 minutes ago but I had left messages on phones and facebook saying “hey, we’re going to reschedule, see you tomorrow at church.” But 2 hours and 15 minutes later the weather is great, and the sun is shining. Oh well.


June 21, 2008

I’m back from camp!

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Hello! I’m back from camp! It was a BLAST! I had some delays at the airports but got to Columbus all the same. I had dinner with my grandparents and my aunt and cousin Alison and it rained hard that night. Saturday my Aunt Connie and I left for camp around 1:30 and we got to camp at 3:30. I unloaded my stuff into the new cabin and I looked at the refurbished girl cabins and took pictures for dad seeing as neither of us have been at camp in 4 years or so. I helped set up chairs in the assembly hall and we had dinner in the mess hall and after that we had our meeting. I was the youngest councilor this year for the week I go to – the second youngest is Alex and he’s 24? something like that. I had to move from cabin 7 to cabin 3 because one of the ladies that had said she could be a councilor ended up not being able to come so I had  to take her place in that cabin. I was at camp with my second and third cousins all week and they got there on the same day I did. Saturday turned to Sunday and we had breakfast in the mess hall and then class and worship in the assembly hall. Kids started coming in around 1:30 to check in and go set up in the cabins. I greeted people but mostly hung out with my friends Isaac and Luke (they’re brothers) and with my friend Katie. Isaac isn’t old enough to be a councilor yet, but he’s going to come back as one next summer. Luke and Katie said they’d sit at my table for meals. Usually a table only has 2 councilors but mine had 3. And when you sit at your table the first time on Sunday, that’s where you eat your meals the rest of the week. Anyways, so I got to hang out with them and then Isaac went home and then I found my friends Amy and Timmy (siblings) and Courtney and Josh (siblings) and got to see them all week in the mess hall – they were hired as dish washers. We had orientation for the kids and we had dinner and we had evening games – I was one of the people in charge of that. My duties at camp were: cabin councilor, 11-13 yr. old girls teacher, concessions worker, one of team Silver’s captains, fun songs councilor, and evening games councilor. I was always on the move! My typical day was get up at 6:30, be up at the flag circle for morning devotional and flag raising and morning warm ups. Then the kids would line up at the front door to the mess hall and sing: When the roll is called up yonder I’ll be marching down the King’s highway (HIGHWAY!). Tell me the old, old story –  I love it better every-day-a-a-a-a. I will make you fishers of men if you’ll only follow me. Hallelujah! Praise the Savior! I’m from sin set, you’re from sin set, we’re all from sin set free-eee-eee HEY!   and they have to sing that till they get let inside. I go in the side door that has a sign that says Staff Entrance Only and I go and sit at my table with the other 2 councilors and then the kids come pouring in and run to their tables. We had 11 tables and I was at table 10. After breakfast we’d go back to our cabins and clean them up. The big bell is rung at 9 am to signal that its time for bible class. At 10 we have girls assembly and we get together under a shelter and sing for 20 minutes and then the bell is rung again and we go back to our class stuff. After class is over, there is free time and then lunch. They line up and sing the song again and get let in and we eat and then we go to our cabins and have rest time/skit practice. After that it is swim time and crafts and archery time. Lets say it was Monday – the boys go swimming in the pool first and the girls do crafts and/or archery. I got my first bullseye EVER and I haven’t even done archery stuff since the last time I was at camp! I helped run the concession stand when I wasn’t at archery helping and shooting. I only went to crafts once and I did swimming once. I decorated a pillow case. It has a butterfly on it and words that say “Let your dreams take flight” and a purple ribbon on it. Its cute! When I did swimming yesterday, I was climbed on a lot by the littler girls. I actually did get to swim though! After that stuff is done, we meet up at the flag circle and we split into our sports teams. I was one of the team captains for Silver. We played softball on Monday, kickball on Tuesday, we hiked Ft. Hill on Wednesday, played soccer on Thursday and then basketball instead of sand volleyball on Friday. If they had made it where we had a ranking, we would have been near the top because we tied the first time, and won the other 3 times. After sports we have some free time and then at 5 all the campers go to the assembly hall for fun songs. That lasts for a half hour and demands a lot of your voice cause you have to sing over more than 100 kids voices. No microphones. Then the kids all line up at the doors and sing to be let in for dinner and then after dinner we have a little more free time and then worship at 7 every night. After that we have evening games and I was in charge of activity stations a couple times and was also a judge for the scavenger hunt. For that we have the kids split in half and they bring a bunch of random items up to the mess hall and in the middle is the table that each team’s runners have to race the items up to. So I was at the table that the runners take stuff to and I was nearly run in to several times by the beast of a man named Josh. Over all it was a good game. After those games are done, we go waaaaay out in the field to the fire circle and have our evening devotional and then we go back to the cabins. Bed is SUPPOSED to be at 9:45 but the usual time we’d all be asleep was somewhere between 11 and 1. There were a couple girls that wouldn’t be able to fall asleep till late. On Thursday nights, in stead of having evening games, we have skit night and each cabin does a skit. We even had a couple of boys do a duet on their guitars, I was also in the councilor’s skit – we sang a song about the manager of our week to the tune of Jesus Loves Me, and the kitchen staff did a skit too. I was the star of my cabin’s skit – I did a song from the show Phantom called “This Place is Mine” and it would be Carlotta that sings it – its a fun song. What we did with it was we pretended the stage was our cabin and we were going in to clean it and I pick up a sheet and a belt (it was actually my friend Luke’s baseball belt) and I wear it like a toga and I sing the song and they’re cleaning and they try to get me to help them but I just won’t stop singing. So then they all crowd around me and we go back stage and bang on the walls and then I run our and finish the song with the last words “this place is mine!” and its a long high note at the end so they cover their ears and drop to the floor. And Friday nights we don’t have evening games either. After fun songs we go out to the fire circle and have the annual hot dog roast – and for some odd reason the girls more often ask the guys to be their “date”. I asked my friend Isaac, who is the Luke I mentioned above’s older brother, and he said yes. We only went as friends mom. Just wanted to let you know. He cooked my hot dog for me seeing as whenever I tried to do it before it seemed to fall off my stick. While our hot dogs were cooking, I went back to the cabin and got my camera – 3 of my friends from camp 4 years ago were there that night and I wasn’t going to let them get by without me getting pictures with them. Then after that we went to worship and I sat between Isaac and my friend Michael. The two of them wanted to stay for fire circle, but Michael’s dad didn’t want to stay that late and so they didn’t stay for fire circle. After fire circle I ran back to the cabin and then over to the bathroom and was one of a few people that got the first hot showers of the night. It had rained while I was in the shower too, so I didn’t get wet walking back to my cabin. I’m not going to even mention anything about what kind of drama we had in the cabin. My girls ranged from 10 to 14 or something like that. They were hard to get out of bed this morning, I’ll tell you that much. We got everything out, swept it, mopped it and had breakfast and were on the road back to my grandparent’s house by at least 8:30. Got in around 10:30 this morning and I listened to voicemails and read text messages and called home and talked to mom and dad a while. I’ve got a small cold and I have most of my voice back now. I should go upstairs and see what I can do to help with dinner. Gramma says I have a lunch date with her. There’s a possibility that my cousin Alison might be joining us. Sorry for all of the words! There are over 1,750. I looked at the word count. Hopefully I’ll be able to see more of my camp friends of old at church tomorrow – if we go to the right one that is. Ta ta now!

Super Tracey

June 10, 2008

nights 2 and 3

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Night 2 of VBS, we had 8 children. Yes, children. That means that we had a girl in our group!! They were a little rowdy but it wasn’t too bad. Night 3, that was tonight, we had 12!!!! 10 boys and 2 girls. It was INSANE. The boys would not sit still or stop talking. The girls were wonderful, of course. But the thing that really made my night was seeing my friends Tim and Nate! Yes Tim, I know I sent you the link! You are now famous. Bahaha! And you too Mer! Meredeth gave me my first comment! Yay! It was so much fun being able to see them! OOOH! Story time! So after VBS was over tonight, Nate and Tim and I were in the fellowship hall, which also doubled as the collage classroom, and I had noticed Tim was wearing his Keens. So I told him that I am taking mine with me on my trip to Ohio. Nate asked if I had some too. I said I did except mine are blue and smaller. 🙂 Then Nate said that Tim’s shoes could probably go on over my shoes. So, naturally, we tried it out. Tim took off one shoe and I put it on over mine. It fit and there was room to wobble it around a little! So then Tim took the other one off and I put that one on too. I got used to the feeling of his shoes over mine that I didn’t remember I had them on! Then Tim said “can I have my shoes back now?” and I said “Oops! I forgot they were on!” so I went to pull them off but I couldn’t. I tried sitting down and pulling them off but that didn’t work for me either. So then I decided to take my shoes off so we could handle both shoes at the same time without feet being in the way. He was able to get my shoes out of his and put them on then. Then we 3 went out to our cars and went home. It was really great!

I forgot to mention, at work today I shredded paper all day and while I was doing that there was a scorpion inside near my feet! I was rescued by one of the guys, Matt, who trapped it under a plastic lid for a coffee cup and then he picked up the scorpion with some pliers. I was a bit scared. I just know I didn’t like it at all.

Thats all for today!

Super Tracey

June 8, 2008

Vacation Bible School

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Tonight was the first night of VBS at some friends’ church. I am one of the group leaders. I have third graders and oh yeah – all of the kids tonight were boys. They actually behaved really well but then they got a little crazy near the end. Didn’t really have much of a dinner cause I got there after the food was gone so afterwards my friend Ryan and his roommate Cody and a girl named Catrina or Katrina(don’t know the spelling) went to a place called Braum’s and we ate. We ended up being there for an hour and then it took about 35 minutes to get home. It was a good day. We sorta did Fathers day a week early since I’ll be in Ohio a week from today! Yay! I’m really excited about it and want to be there now! I hope the week goes by fast and I’ll be able to have time to pack properly. Perhaps thats what I’ll work on during lunch this week. Time for bed now!

Super Tracey

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