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September 29, 2008

sewing away!

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My friends and I are going on a nice trip to Houston for the big Renaissance Festival this fall, and I’ve been sewing my own dress. A while ago the sewing machine decided it didn’t like me anymore so I’ve been sewing by hand (and its looking good!). I’ve also taken the job of doing some hem work on a couple clothing items for my friend Alyssa – I’m getting $20 to do it. I’m nearly done with the belt, I need to sew a sleeve on to the dress and I need to hem my own dress and then I’m finished with my dress! We’re going opening weekend: October 11th and 12th, but we’re heading down on the 10th. Lori and Alyssa are from Houston so we’re staying at their places instead of hotels. We’re all really excited!!!

Today I went to the mall and got an application for a book store and filled it out in the food court and then returned it. I decided that while I was there I should walk around. I did a little shopping as I found some things that I liked and I really needed some nice/new sun glasses. I stopped at a 7-11 and got gas for $3.11 (thats the cheapest I’ve seen it anywhere around town) and then I realized that it was about quarter after 2 and I hadn’t had lunch! So I stopped at Sonic and got a jr. burger and a happy hour drink and then came home. Guess what I’m going to do next? If you guessed sewing, you were right!

Sew ya later! oops! I mean… See ya later!


I’ve been going on and on about the dress, well I’ve gotten enough of it done where I can give you a picture!!!


September 24, 2008

not what you’re expecting

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ok, so I know how I said that on my next post I would have the little review for the play  “Advice From a Busboy”, but I’m pretty sure this trumps the play. Today I went to work as usual, everything was going the same as always. Around 4, my two bosses had a meeting with me. We had agreed that they were going to try me out for a month and my month is up now. They appreciated the work I did, but I’m just not up to their pace. They really liked how I was always at the office at 8:30 am every day of work. I got my last check and it was pay to the end of the month, so that was nice of them. I’m an outgoing person and need to be around people more. I did spot that Walden Books in the mall had a hiring sign in the window. I think I’d like that better than sitting in an office. Plus its a book store and I love books! So I’m planning on going and getting an application for there soon. As for now, I figure I’ll finish sewing my dress for the Renaissance Festival seeing as that is in 2 1/2 weeks or so. I also said I would hem my friend Alyssa’s dress, so I’ll be able to do that – and she said that she’s holding our friend Annetta’s sewing machine in their apartment so I could just do her hemming over there! Need to do some laundry and I’m feeling another room rearranging coming on, not to mention I need to swap out the summer clothes for the fall clothes (even though its nearly the same stuff 😉 )  Good night now!


September 18, 2008

A long overdue post!

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Well, there sure have been a lot of things going on! Going backwards, yesterday I went to work at got a lot done. I’ve been sorting through papers to figure out what is going to be recycled and what needs to be shredded. I finally got that done – there will be more to come though! Linda is cleaning out a lot of things in her office and I get to be the judge of the papers’ lives: the shredder in the office or the recycling dumpster to be taken away. Then there are some papers that are just trash. There was also a project of alphabetizing a bunch of papers. Separate by company or last names into the desk file/sorter, then by each letter get those in alphabetical order and then get them into the actual folder. I’ve got them all ready to be put in the filing cabinet! Oh! I’ve also ordered a new ipod! If you haven’t seen them advertised already, there are new iPod nanos that have 2” long screens, color, can do videos and pictures, has a cool feature where you can rotate it to the side and flip through album covers and find a different song that you want to listen to. There’s also the Genius feature where it finds songs that would go well or is similar to the one you are listening to. Don’t forget the new shuffle feature either! All you have to do is shake the ipod and it goes to a new song. Its light, thin, and comes in really awesome colors. I’m getting a purple one and it should come next week! The Apple store at Penn Square Mall only had the 8 GB in stock and I’m getting a 16 GB. It will be a very nice upgrade from my 3 year old green iPod mini! Another thing that happened yesterday was Wed. night bible class. I sat with my friends Anna and Josh from OC and a friend from UCO that I met just before school ended this past spring. His name is Sean and he’s pretty cool. Well, last night was the night where the college kids fill out adoption papers and families in our church can “adopt” a student.  Anna asked me if I could adopt her and of course her boyfriend Josh wanted us to adopt him too. My parents have known Josh his whole life so they said sure to them even before the forms were passed around.  Sean wanted to be adopted too, so he put down my family! Ha ha! It should be fun. After class, I changed and played softball. I was playing for the girl social club called Delta Tau against the girl social club called Iota. We won with the score at 14 – 0!!! I hit the ball 3 times, ran the bases twice and hurt my knee once. Wait. Hurt my knee? Indeed, my left knee is in very minor pain from when my knee locked for a step while I was running to 3rd base. I even ran to home plate on it. Then I went and walked on the outside of the fence to walk it off. Over all it was a good game.

Tuesday – work felt slow cause it felt like I wasn’t getting anywhere (regarding paperwork). Tuesdays are my community chorale nights at UCO. I hung out with Sean in the UCO library for a while and then I took a walk around campus and then came home. My arm still hurt from Monday night’s game.

Monday felt like the usual humdrum at work but I played softball that night. We lost 2-1. Better than Sunday’s game though! My arm did hurt after that game – right arm. Throwing arm.

Sunday was a good day. I don’t remember too much what happened, but I recall it being a good day. I played softball for the Delta Tau girls for the first time that night against Gamma Rho. Needless to say we lost miserably to the Gamma girls. I don’t even know what the score was.

Saturday I went to my friend Kenneth’s apartment with a bunch of friends. We had lunch and played games and talked and sang to songs on the laptop, some went to a comic shop. We home around 5 and watched some of the OSU vs. USC game. Mom, Dad and I didn’t even finish watching the game because we just weren’t playing like the Buckeyes are usually playing. I looked at the final score on and then listened to some Gaelic Storm music to try and lift my spirits.

Friday seemed to go fast because it seemed like I got to work, I went home for lunch, I went back to work, and then I went back to the house and got a bottle of water. Mom and I had a quick dinner at KFC and then went to ALDI for some groceries for us and Kenneth. Poor guy didn’t have any produce in his little apartment kitchen. Then mom and I went to a play.

The next post will be about the play! That’s all for now! (and that was a lot!)

September 3, 2008

Improv anyone?

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The other night I was over at campus and some of my girls and I just sat and watched videos on youtube. My friend Brandy said “hey! type in ‘food court musical'” so one of the girls did. We watched it. I was hooked. I used to be in an improv group that met at the local public library, but we had never done something like that before. On my own time, I went back to youtube and looked at more videos that had been posted by the same user. The group is called Improv Everywhere and they are based in New York. They have done many “shows” around Manhattan and have even gone to Chicago and L.A. The next project coming up is an MP3 project. A large crowd of people will all start listening to the same MP3 and it will give them directions of what to do. On one that I saw, they had to point to the tallest building, follow a German tourist, give high fives to people that weren’t in the project that were passing by, become a human dart board by standing in rings by the different shirt colors ( the yellow shirts were darts!), and then a very large game of freeze tag began. Then the commanding voice, Steve, had everyone lay down and rest and then they were free to enjoy themselves. A very interesting show.

I had showed a couple videos of improv everywhere to my friend Kenneth and we both agreed that it would be really cool to be able to get a bunch of students together and do something like what they do. I figure the easiest thing to do would to be a freeze for 5 minutes. We’ll see if that happens… 🙂

That’s all for now!


(For more information on the improv group, visit their website )

September 1, 2008

what’s up doc?

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well! lots has happened since I last posted. I’ve finished my second week of work, a lot of people have come back for school (and since its a private school they start TODAY). Oh and 2 of my friends married each other! My friend Sean picked me up and we had lunch at Panda Express before we got to the church building a half hour early. I sliced a lemon and put it in the pitcher before the wedding started. It was a very beautiful wedding! I got a bit teary eyed a couple times and it didn’t help that my friend Karston leaned over to me and said “don’t cry!” because that just makes you want to cry!! After the ceremony was done, I hurried into the kitchen and started putting the lemonade in the pitcher. We used nearly all of the cups in the cup pyramid. The cake – from Walmart – was really good! I split a slice with Sean as neither of us wanted a whole one. I believe I got home around 4 and after several minutes of being home, I got in the car and went to a farewell party for my friends Tiffany and Traci. They’re going on the study abroad trip to Vienna. It was a pool party, so it was nice to cool off. Got home and had dinner with my parents and my mom’s younger sister and her husband. After dinner we watched some college football and I sewed. I got the first sleeve for the dress I’m making done and now I’m working on sleeve number 2. Still have a ways go to on getting the dress finished. I still have a month and 10 days.

Well, I don’t have work today because its Labor Day! I’m going to go over to campus for most of the day. need to go and get ready to head over. its almost chapel time!


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