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February 14, 2009

Friday 13th and Valentines Day

Hello again! Well, yesterday was Friday the 13th, so I decided to wear all black. I didn’t have any bad luck at all! Quite the oposite. I got to hand out my Harry Potter valentine cards to my friends, I had a job interview at a doggy daycare called Camp Bowwow and I got the job! I start Monday morning – I’m excited. Then I went to Walmart to get some things I need for a dish that I am making for a little dinner party. Some of the people at the school’s apartments have a potluck dinner and I was invited to come so I said I’d make my chicken, tomato and pasta salad with the basil vinegrette because it makes a lot. I said that on Wednesday night. I found out Friday, yesterday, that it is going to be the main dish of the night! I got the chicken shredded last night before dinner. Today I shall dice the tomatos and boil the pasta. I think I will do that at someone’s apartment so they will be fresher at dinner time. I will make the vinegrette this afternoon though. It takes a bit of time to work on it, so I’ll just use the kitchen for as long as I need. Oh! Another thing that happened yesterday was my friend Keri and I went to my high school and went to a dessert theater – instead of a dinner theater. It was really good! We enjoyed it soo much! The show was titled “Find Your Grail” and had songs from a lot of musicals. Keri and I were very quietly singing along to some of them. I am very glad that my friend Brian who is a Senior got to have a solo. Seconds after he had started singing, Keri leaned over to me and said “From the moment he started singing I melted like butter!”  That made me laugh. He did a fantastic job! After the show I gave him a huge hug! He said he legs were hurting a lot. One of the other guys in the show said that this was the most physically demanding show that our high school has done and I agree! It was a very delightful evening.

This morning I wake up to my radio, the smell of pancakes or waffles, and some dark thing floating close to my bed. I sit up and get a closer look – its a balloon that looks like a rose and its tied around a box of Pirates of the Caribbean valentine cards for me to use next year. The smell of breakfast always seems to waft up to my room and wake me up. My tummy is now telling me to wrap this up and go down and get some!

Happy Valentines Day!



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