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March 6, 2009

from the sick bed

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Hello, it me again! I guess I need to update what’s up…

1. I have a job. And I love it. I work at Camp BowWow . I love love love the dogs! This is my 3rd week working there and I’m working up to being full time by spring break.

2. Spring Sing is this week and I’m ushering for Saturday afternoon’s show so Beta banquet costs will be $35 instead of $45.

3. My aunt and uncle are coming down for Spring Sing today and are here for the weekend. I don’t think I’d get to see them till after I get home from work tonight, and then I have work at 6:30 am on Saturday so I’ll probably be up before them and then I get off at 10 and get to shower and get ready to usher for the show at 2. I’ll probably try and squeeze a nap in before the show.

4. I have a cold. It was weird how it unfolded. I got home from work  around 3:30 on Tuesday and I got a bloody nose from dry air. Not too long after the nose bleed ended my throat started to feel scratchy. By Wednesday night, I had little to no voice. Yesterday when we were getting the dogs in for their dinner, I could tell for sure that I had a cold. I am going to go to work. Its not a terrible cold where I feel like I need to mope and lay in bed all day (even though I’ve been in bed nearly all morning).

5. I have a doggy calendar in my room. It has an Irish Terrier on it for this month. so cute! can you believe its already March? Time is going by!

6. Don’t forget to change your clocks! Oh and you can go to Arby’s on Sunday and when you order a drink of any size say you changed your time and you’d like to change your burger and you’ll get a free Roastburger. There’s All-American, Bacon, and something with cheese. I think I’d go for the bacon one.

7. I found out today the top 3 Manliest cities. #1 – Nashville, TN. #2 – Charolette, NC. #3 Oklahoma City, OK. Interesting isn’t it? New York City is #50! haha!

8. The weather yesterday was sooo nice! It almost felt like summer! I think I would have enjoyed it a bit more if I was not already feeling warm. I love seeing the daffodils! Flowers are great.

That’s all I have for now. Hope everyone is having a good day and have a great weekend!



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