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January 22, 2009

lights off

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The weather has been pretty good for January and its 68 right now and its supposed to go up 10 more degrees today! the 22nd of January! Is spring going to come early this year? I enjoy this warm weather very much and it makes me look forward to summer even though its months away. About half of the Christmas lights are off the house and I’m the one thats taken them off so far. I’ve taken off all I can reach via small wooden ladder and a stick and walking on the roof. I don’t like getting onto the roof by climbing up the ladder and then trying to keep balance while getting onto the roof. It just shakes me up cause I have a fear of falling and being in that position I feel more likely to fall than the way I prefer to get on the roof. My bathroom window is perfect to climb out of. I slide open the window, step up onto the tub and swing one leg up and through the open space and then hoist myself up so I’m sitting in the window sill with one leg in and one leg out. then I hold onto the frame and twist my body to where I can bring my other leg out and then I’m on the roof. Its sorta like climbing on boulders which I liked to do when we were on vacation in Maine and Nova Scotia. I climbed out and got a string of lights off the roof  unsupervised but don’t worry, I didn’t fall or get hurt or anything. if I needed any help, I could have used my cell phone to call my mom or I could have yelled to my dad who was in the back yard. When my dad and I were putting the lights on, I had gotten on the roof via ladder and I didn’t want to get down that way, so I sat down on the roof and pulled out my cell phone and called my mom to come and pull open my blinds so I could come in through my window.

Well, I suppose I should go and finish getting the lights off with dad.



January 12, 2009

they’re home

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Last night after church, my friends Alyssa and Phillip hosted a back to school BBQ in their little apartment. My friend Amanda ran to the door to get there before me and so she was let in and then the door started to be closed on me and so I hit it and yelled. It was jerked back open and my friend Karston said “I didn’t see you there!” Anna and Josh were soon behind. We all chatted and laughed about things that happened last semester and some talked about classes they’ll be having. Then the meat was brought out. I spotted where the plates and plastic ware was so I got mine and went for it. People followed suit very fast. And there was baked beans and potato salad and corn on the cobb and of course Alyssa’s AMAZING green beans!  It was delicious! We had 12 people eating, then Lori’s brother came and he ate but then he had to go soon afterwards. About an hour after the party “started” our friends Nate and Cameron came in as Cameron had just gotten back and Nate went to get him from the airport. Alyssa hugged him first as she was right at the door and then I was already standing right in front of him so I gave him a hug. And then I felt someone else latch on when I was hugging him. And then another person. I think I might have heard someone say “let him breathe!” and people started to get out of the group hug. Cameron and I found it amusing. While Cameron and Nate were eating, we started a game that we did at my house at my birthday party back in 2007. What we do is we come up with a question like : What character from any movie or book does the person to the right remind you of?   And then we set limits on what books you can’t choose from (which made it harder for some people). On that question, we were going the 2nd person to your right and you couldn’t choose someone from Harry Potter, Twilight, or some other book (the title escapes my mind). Nate said that I would be Mr. Thomas (meaning Tumnus)  from Chronicles of Narnia since he couldn’t pick Luna from Harry Potter. We ended the party with root beer floats. It was a lot of fun and it was great to be back with nearly all my friends! We are still waiting for Hannah and Naomi to get in tonight at the airport at 11. I don’t know who they’re going to have pick them up.

Have a good day!


January 6, 2009

happy new year…6 days late

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I may have mentioned last year that I was working for Toys R Us. Their gift to me was letting me work for them for 3-ish weeks and I got two pay checks. I’ve left 2008 jobless and entered 2009 jobless. It has been 6 weeks though, since I had interviews. I had 3 in one week. I just got off the phone with a lady that works PR for the library system. There is still hope that I’ll be working at a library, and that makes me happy.

On a sadder note, Ohio State lost to Texas last night. We were SOO CLOSE to winning and then Texas got that last touchdown and all the happiness drained out of our house. If I recall correctly, I screamed when Texas got the last touchdown of the game. I was so upset that I went straight to bed at 11:30 and I slept till nearly 10.

On a different note, my friends are starting to come back this weekend! I got to see my friends Anna and Tim between Christmas and New Years Eve and my friend Brandy stayed at my house Saturday night. I also so her boy friend Jay on Sunday, which was also his birthday. Other than that, those are the only friends from OC that I’ve seen this break. It will be nice to see them again!

I’ve been listening to Brisingr by Christopher Paolini for the past couple days. I have read the first two books and was going to borrow a friend’s book but others kept reading it before me and while I was at Tim’s house he gave me the audio for the book. (Thanks Tim!) I am enjoying the story very much. I recommend it if you haven’t read them. Another book I’ve read is Enna Burning. It its the sequel to The Goose Girl, which is originally is a traditional German fairy tale most commonly known by The Brothers Grimm. Shannon Hale took the story and added some more to The Goose Girl and made it a fantastic tale. Enna Burning is about Isi’s friend Enna who helps with the war between her country and helps bring peace by using fire-speak. She becomes overwhelmed by the power of the fire and Isi and one of their friends from the forest people help Enna. Isi was also being overwhelmed by the wind as she could command the wind. In the end, Isi and Enna helped each other and the war was over by the time they returned back to their country. (Oh, and Isi is also the queen!)  I enjoyed both of them very much.

Have a good day and happy new year again!


December 20, 2008

Try something new

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I went to one of the city parks with my friend Steven. We rode our bikes and did some geocaching. Its like a treasure hunt only after you’ve found it, you hide it again for someone else to find it. He’s done it quite a bit and this was my first time. It was a lot of fun! We got around the park on bike and used its trails. Supposedly there are 8 in the park we went to. Of the five locations we visited, we found three and a half. How did we find half of one? We couldn’t find the container for the log book and the little items that would have been in the cach. I think we were out for about two hours. We got good exercise and fresh air, and we got to walk through trees and brush (and thorns – scraped my hand and had a thorn stuck in the side of my thumb) and enjoy each others company. If you ever needed a hobby and had the time to figure out the coordinates and enter them into your GPS, geocaching would be a great thing for a family to do for an outing. Of course you would need to do it in a place where the terrain isn’t too harsh for smaller children otherwise it could get too hard for them. It is a great game of hide and seek (and hide again)! I hope that I get to find some more later!


December 14, 2008

the job

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I FINALLY have a job since a couple months ago. Where do I work? you are thinking – so I shall tell you. Toys R Us. Ta da! Now you’re probably thinking : WHY? Is she insane?  And the answer is: they were actively hiring and I needed an income, and yes I am probably insane for joining there during their busiest season. They’ve kept me busy the past 5 days, so I’m tired. Not to mention they planned my work times weird last week. I worked 6am – 12 pm, 6 pm-12:20 am, 6 am to 12 pm, and then 6 pm-1:30. That last one was overtime – and it was Saturday into Sunday. And then today I worked 12 pm to 5 pm. Once I stood at the corner of an isle and one person talked to me, then I turned my head and another person talked to me and then I turned my head again and another person talked to me. I also had a time today where I had two people on either side of me that wanted to talk to me. I went into panic mode there… the lady was talking to me first but she let the man go first, in the end. Oh, and the store is quite large and has many items and apparently anyone who works there is supposed to have a data base of all the toy names in their head and can tell exactly where they are. Mmmhmmm. My 3rd day, I was starting to get the hang of where stuff was in the store. 5th day, I know just about as much as the 3rd day – but this time I got to use one of the hand held scanner things. I even got to log on it with a username and password that I got on my training day.

Well, seeing as I am quite tired and will have to be up around 7 am, I should be off to sleep.


December 9, 2008

Merry Christmas!

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For the holiday season, I’ve changed my blog’s appearance cause I thought that would be fun.

Can you believe its already 9 days in to the month of December? 10 days ago I had my birthday and now the hustle and bustle to get Christmas gifts is under way. I start my new job at Toys R Us at 6 am, so it should prove to be an interesting experience as I will be working the floor.

The halls are decked – rather the rooms downstairs – in our house. Mom put me in charge of decorating since their class party is at our house this year. I did about half of the actual decorating of the house cause mom did some stuff too, dad helped me get the lights on the roof (and it was fun walking on the roof – I didn’t like the thought of going back down the ladder so I called mom and asked her to open my bathroom window so I could climb in that way). Dad and I put the tree in the base the other day, but I put those lights on and the ornaments all by myself. I also have to water it. Its amazing how long it can take for a medium sized tree to be decorated. I think I took 3 hours – I had lunch while working on it too.

Well, I think I’ll go out and get some things that we need before tomorrow.


December 1, 2008

Happy birthday to…

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This past week there have been a lot of birthdays of people I know! The past couple days up to now, I’ve gotten to say happy birthday to my friends Tim, Tara, Heather, Kyle, Hudson, Marquis, and James. Oh, and I guess I’ve said happy birthday to me too! Last night I had a little party. Friends came and went seeing as they had some work to do, some stayed there and did their work. We had Star Wars: Return of the Jedi on tv. I returned home with 2 1/2 slices of cake and some gingerbread cookies. The ice cream disappeared. It was good fun and a nice way to move from being a teen to a tween.

November 14, 2008

New Half-Blood Prince trailer!

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As most of my friends know, I am a big Harry Potter fan. In fact, last night I watched the beginning of GoF (Goblet of Fire) last night with my friend Talia. This morning I checked my facebook and I had a notification that there was some big news on one of the biggest Harry Potter news sites, MuggleNet. To my delight, it was the latest HBP (Half-Blood Prince) movie trailer! And, for your enjoyment, I am putting it up. The first video is the first trailer that came out. The second is the new one. The third one is the International Trailer.

November 10, 2008

a rainy day plus

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What’s good on rainy days? homemade soup. Mom made some for lunch. I think the cheese was put in at the wrong time and so it didn’t melt right, therefore leaving gobs of cheese stuck to the veggies. It was still delicious. I will also be fixing some chili for myself for my dinner tonight. I had pancakes this morning that was really good! I like having cinnamon in my pancakes, so I put the spice in with the other dry goods and it had an even and subtle taste of cinnamon. The syrup made the cinnamon stand out. It was goooood!

Another thing that is good to do on a rainy day that ends up being very overcast but no downpour – is to do some errands. I went to a couple book stores and walked around a bit thinking about what would distract me if I worked there. I’m very comfortable around the inside of B&N because I’ve been going to those stores for a long time. The only thing I could think of what would distract me is a new book release of a series I have read in the past. The other store I visited had a very high ceiling and it looked even higher with it being dark colored. Also the lighting seemed a bit poor compared to B&N and I like decent lighting when I’m around books (most of the time). There were also a lot of odds and ends that were fluffy and/or shiny and those would distract me very much, so I didn’t get an application there. After the book stores, I went over to Walmart. We were in need of some food items in the kitchen, so I volunteered to get them while I was out. I found everything just fine except for raisins! I marched up and down the isles, very surprised at how many people were there at 3 something in the afternoon, and I walked right by the raisins 2 or 3 times!

In other news which has happened over the past few weeks, I had a wreck and we sold that car and now I have a new one. I also rolled my ankle while walking the dog. I was in a production sort of thing with Shirley Jones and Patrick Cassidy and I have pictures with them! I saw the school’s homecoming show – Guys and Dolls – and it was great! Went to the girls homecoming soccer game and we won 2-1!  That’s all I can really think of.


October 23, 2008

a great time!

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Hello! I have returned to my lovely blog – no, I didn’t forget about it at all. I was simply away doing other things. One thing I shall use as an example is my trip to Houston for the Texas Reniassance Festival. I woke up at 7 am on Friday the 10th and finished my packing and had breakfast and such. My dad took me over to campus and I waited with the two other girls, Lori and Anna. We were ready and waiting a half hour before we wanted to leave. The boys, on the other hand, were not ready to leave at all. It came to be 10 am and the 3 of us girls grabbed our cell phones and started calling people. People as in the boys. Anna dissappeared for a half hour and returned with her boyfriend Josh. At 10:30 I got a call from the driver of the car I would be riding in, Karston. So I ask Karston what is taking so long over there and he said that Jake, a.k.a. Cowboy, was just getting out of the shower. I told Karston to tell Cowboy to hurry up so we can get going. Around 11 I think, the boys finally drove over to the girls dorm to pick us and our luggage up. I believe we got out on the road at 11:30. My car didn’t stop till about 1:30 for lunch at a McDonald’s in southern Oklahoma. We waited 40 minutes to an hour for Cowboy’s truck of people got there. When they did get there, they went in for a quick lunch to go and then they lead the way to Lori’s house in Houston. We hit traffic at the beginning of rush hour in the Dallas area and the end of it in the Denton area. I believe we arrived at Lori’s house between 9 and 9:30 that night. Our other group that stayed at Alyssa’s mom place didn’t get in till midnight as they left campus a few hours after we did. That is a breif overview of Friday. For me, that is breif.
Saturday the 3 of us girls woke up at 6:30. I put on my dress and did my hair and went down. We went to Walmart and I got breakfast there and ate it in the car on the way to the festival. We got there around 10:15 I believe. We all split up and did our own thing for the most part. We all saw the Dead Bob Show because that started at 10:30 I think. I found a shop that had little knives (2 in a sheath) for $5. I had been wanting some since we went to the Medieval Fair in Norman and with them at that price, there was no way that I was going to let it go! I found a booth that had honey sticks and I got 5 for $2. I got my hair braided up so pretty I had a friend take a picture of it for me! We ended up meeting at the gate at 3 and we got a group picture. The group that stayed at Alyssa’s met us there so they’re in the picture too. We went home and changed and relaxed. We showed each other buys of the day and exchanged stories of what we saw and liked. We had left over dinner from Friday night. Lori’s mom made something for us and there was some left over, but not enough. We ordered some pizza and then had a Transformers night. We watched the old Transformers movie they had made back in the 80’s and then we watched the recent one. We went to bed around 12 but didn’t get to sleep a half hour later.
Sunday the three of us girls were the first to wake up again. We let the boys sleep in a little. Lori made breakfast that morning. Her dad had started Madagascar and so I watched that for the first time. We all got dressed and the three of us girls were fairies that day. It was a lovely day and I had a lot of fun. I got a pearl, I dug for crystals, I threw knives ( and one stayed in the wall!) and I saw a fantastic show called Birds of Prey. I had forgotten to recharge my batteries during the night so they died during the Birds of Prey show that was at 2:30. When it got dark, they had fireworks over the water behind the jousting arena. My friend Anna and I were wondering where they were hiding Gandalf because it was amazing! We left shortly after that and went back to Lori’s house. I don’t think we went to bed till 1 am.
Monday was the sleep in day. Lori and I played video games and she thought the sound of the video games would wake the boys up. Yeah right! Karston was the first guy up. slowly after that the rest of the guys got up. Lori’s dad made salsa and he grilled meat so we could have fajitas and it was sooo tasty! the group at alyssa’s came over and we did a weapon spread and took pictures of it. I think it was like 63 things that belonged to 11 people. It got closer to dinner time and they went home and I forget what we had.
Tuesday we got up and got all our stuff packed and we were ready a half hour early! It was great! So we left early and went to the Kolache Factory and got breakfast there and then started back to Oklahoma. We stopped in some town to meet up with the other car and then all 3 cars headed to Jake’s place for lunch. We were there from 3-5, Jake’s group + Cameron stayed later and didn’t get into town till 11, and they came to my place so I could hold some swords for some people. I had gotten home a bit after 7, and I called Jake to see when they’d be getting here. I watched NCIS with my parents and then retired after I got the swords. It was a good trip and it was a lot of fun!

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