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January 22, 2009

lights off

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The weather has been pretty good for January and its 68 right now and its supposed to go up 10 more degrees today! the 22nd of January! Is spring going to come early this year? I enjoy this warm weather very much and it makes me look forward to summer even though its months away. About half of the Christmas lights are off the house and I’m the one thats taken them off so far. I’ve taken off all I can reach via small wooden ladder and a stick and walking on the roof. I don’t like getting onto the roof by climbing up the ladder and then trying to keep balance while getting onto the roof. It just shakes me up cause I have a fear of falling and being in that position I feel more likely to fall than the way I prefer to get on the roof. My bathroom window is perfect to climb out of. I slide open the window, step up onto the tub and swing one leg up and through the open space and then hoist myself up so I’m sitting in the window sill with one leg in and one leg out. then I hold onto the frame and twist my body to where I can bring my other leg out and then I’m on the roof. Its sorta like climbing on boulders which I liked to do when we were on vacation in Maine and Nova Scotia. I climbed out and got a string of lights off the roof  unsupervised but don’t worry, I didn’t fall or get hurt or anything. if I needed any help, I could have used my cell phone to call my mom or I could have yelled to my dad who was in the back yard. When my dad and I were putting the lights on, I had gotten on the roof via ladder and I didn’t want to get down that way, so I sat down on the roof and pulled out my cell phone and called my mom to come and pull open my blinds so I could come in through my window.

Well, I suppose I should go and finish getting the lights off with dad.



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