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January 12, 2009

they’re home

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Last night after church, my friends Alyssa and Phillip hosted a back to school BBQ in their little apartment. My friend Amanda ran to the door to get there before me and so she was let in and then the door started to be closed on me and so I hit it and yelled. It was jerked back open and my friend Karston said “I didn’t see you there!” Anna and Josh were soon behind. We all chatted and laughed about things that happened last semester and some talked about classes they’ll be having. Then the meat was brought out. I spotted where the plates and plastic ware was so I got mine and went for it. People followed suit very fast. And there was baked beans and potato salad and corn on the cobb and of course Alyssa’s AMAZING green beans!  It was delicious! We had 12 people eating, then Lori’s brother came and he ate but then he had to go soon afterwards. About an hour after the party “started” our friends Nate and Cameron came in as Cameron had just gotten back and Nate went to get him from the airport. Alyssa hugged him first as she was right at the door and then I was already standing right in front of him so I gave him a hug. And then I felt someone else latch on when I was hugging him. And then another person. I think I might have heard someone say “let him breathe!” and people started to get out of the group hug. Cameron and I found it amusing. While Cameron and Nate were eating, we started a game that we did at my house at my birthday party back in 2007. What we do is we come up with a question like : What character from any movie or book does the person to the right remind you of?   And then we set limits on what books you can’t choose from (which made it harder for some people). On that question, we were going the 2nd person to your right and you couldn’t choose someone from Harry Potter, Twilight, or some other book (the title escapes my mind). Nate said that I would be Mr. Thomas (meaning Tumnus)  from Chronicles of Narnia since he couldn’t pick Luna from Harry Potter. We ended the party with root beer floats. It was a lot of fun and it was great to be back with nearly all my friends! We are still waiting for Hannah and Naomi to get in tonight at the airport at 11. I don’t know who they’re going to have pick them up.

Have a good day!



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