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January 6, 2009

happy new year…6 days late

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I may have mentioned last year that I was working for Toys R Us. Their gift to me was letting me work for them for 3-ish weeks and I got two pay checks. I’ve left 2008 jobless and entered 2009 jobless. It has been 6 weeks though, since I had interviews. I had 3 in one week. I just got off the phone with a lady that works PR for the library system. There is still hope that I’ll be working at a library, and that makes me happy.

On a sadder note, Ohio State lost to Texas last night. We were SOO CLOSE to winning and then Texas got that last touchdown and all the happiness drained out of our house. If I recall correctly, I screamed when Texas got the last touchdown of the game. I was so upset that I went straight to bed at 11:30 and I slept till nearly 10.

On a different note, my friends are starting to come back this weekend! I got to see my friends Anna and Tim between Christmas and New Years Eve and my friend Brandy stayed at my house Saturday night. I also so her boy friend Jay on Sunday, which was also his birthday. Other than that, those are the only friends from OC that I’ve seen this break. It will be nice to see them again!

I’ve been listening to Brisingr by Christopher Paolini for the past couple days. I have read the first two books and was going to borrow a friend’s book but others kept reading it before me and while I was at Tim’s house he gave me the audio for the book. (Thanks Tim!) I am enjoying the story very much. I recommend it if you haven’t read them. Another book I’ve read is Enna Burning. It its the sequel to The Goose Girl, which is originally is a traditional German fairy tale most commonly known by The Brothers Grimm. Shannon Hale took the story and added some more to The Goose Girl and made it a fantastic tale. Enna Burning is about Isi’s friend Enna who helps with the war between her country and helps bring peace by using fire-speak. She becomes overwhelmed by the power of the fire and Isi and one of their friends from the forest people help Enna. Isi was also being overwhelmed by the wind as she could command the wind. In the end, Isi and Enna helped each other and the war was over by the time they returned back to their country. (Oh, and Isi is also the queen!)  I enjoyed both of them very much.

Have a good day and happy new year again!



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