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December 20, 2008

Try something new

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I went to one of the city parks with my friend Steven. We rode our bikes and did some geocaching. Its like a treasure hunt only after you’ve found it, you hide it again for someone else to find it. He’s done it quite a bit and this was my first time. It was a lot of fun! We got around the park on bike and used its trails. Supposedly there are 8 in the park we went to. Of the five locations we visited, we found three and a half. How did we find half of one? We couldn’t find the container for the log book and the little items that would have been in the cach. I think we were out for about two hours. We got good exercise and fresh air, and we got to walk through trees and brush (and thorns – scraped my hand and had a thorn stuck in the side of my thumb) and enjoy each others company. If you ever needed a hobby and had the time to figure out the coordinates and enter them into your GPS, geocaching would be a great thing for a family to do for an outing. Of course you would need to do it in a place where the terrain isn’t too harsh for smaller children otherwise it could get too hard for them. It is a great game of hide and seek (and hide again)! I hope that I get to find some more later!



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