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October 8, 2008

Fall is here! for the most part

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The weather is getting cooler and I’ve seen one tree whose leaves are changing color. The neighbors behind us have a big tree with limbs that extend into our yard and those leaves have already started to drop. I love fall! You get to wear your favorite sweaters and jackets and you can wear jeans all the time! AND its still nice enough where you can have on flip flops or sandals (though most people prefer close toed shoes for colder weather). From time to time over the past couple weeks, I’ve been wanting to be in Maine and Boston just to see the beautiful colors in the leaves and smell the crispness in the air! Ah, fall!

Speaking of fall, this weekend is Fall break for the kids at OC and in Houston, it is opening weekend of the big Texas Renaissance Festival! I’m going with a group of friends and its going to be a lot of fun! I believe everyone has some sort of costume that they are going to be wearing. I have my dress finished all the way – I did the hem on Monday – and I also did the hem of two of Alyssa’s things that she’ll be wearing. We’re all so excited! I still don’t know how I will be wearing my hair. I’ll figure that out later though.

My project for today is finish painting my bathroom! Its a yellow paint and it reminds me of a happy daffodil. I like the color it is at right now, but there’s some writing around the top that I did in Elvish and mom wants it nice so if we sell people won’t know about the Elvish. It’ll need two coats for sure. MAYBE a third. we’ll see how long the paint lasts.

Ta ta!



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