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September 29, 2008

sewing away!

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My friends and I are going on a nice trip to Houston for the big Renaissance Festival this fall, and I’ve been sewing my own dress. A while ago the sewing machine decided it didn’t like me anymore so I’ve been sewing by hand (and its looking good!). I’ve also taken the job of doing some hem work on a couple clothing items for my friend Alyssa – I’m getting $20 to do it. I’m nearly done with the belt, I need to sew a sleeve on to the dress and I need to hem my own dress and then I’m finished with my dress! We’re going opening weekend: October 11th and 12th, but we’re heading down on the 10th. Lori and Alyssa are from Houston so we’re staying at their places instead of hotels. We’re all really excited!!!

Today I went to the mall and got an application for a book store and filled it out in the food court and then returned it. I decided that while I was there I should walk around. I did a little shopping as I found some things that I liked and I really needed some nice/new sun glasses. I stopped at a 7-11 and got gas for $3.11 (thats the cheapest I’ve seen it anywhere around town) and then I realized that it was about quarter after 2 and I hadn’t had lunch! So I stopped at Sonic and got a jr. burger and a happy hour drink and then came home. Guess what I’m going to do next? If you guessed sewing, you were right!

Sew ya later! oops! I mean… See ya later!


I’ve been going on and on about the dress, well I’ve gotten enough of it done where I can give you a picture!!!


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