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September 24, 2008

not what you’re expecting

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ok, so I know how I said that on my next post I would have the little review for the play  “Advice From a Busboy”, but I’m pretty sure this trumps the play. Today I went to work as usual, everything was going the same as always. Around 4, my two bosses had a meeting with me. We had agreed that they were going to try me out for a month and my month is up now. They appreciated the work I did, but I’m just not up to their pace. They really liked how I was always at the office at 8:30 am every day of work. I got my last check and it was pay to the end of the month, so that was nice of them. I’m an outgoing person and need to be around people more. I did spot that Walden Books in the mall had a hiring sign in the window. I think I’d like that better than sitting in an office. Plus its a book store and I love books! So I’m planning on going and getting an application for there soon. As for now, I figure I’ll finish sewing my dress for the Renaissance Festival seeing as that is in 2 1/2 weeks or so. I also said I would hem my friend Alyssa’s dress, so I’ll be able to do that – and she said that she’s holding our friend Annetta’s sewing machine in their apartment so I could just do her hemming over there! Need to do some laundry and I’m feeling another room rearranging coming on, not to mention I need to swap out the summer clothes for the fall clothes (even though its nearly the same stuff 😉 )  Good night now!



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