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September 3, 2008

Improv anyone?

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The other night I was over at campus and some of my girls and I just sat and watched videos on youtube. My friend Brandy said “hey! type in ‘food court musical'” so one of the girls did. We watched it. I was hooked. I used to be in an improv group that met at the local public library, but we had never done something like that before. On my own time, I went back to youtube and looked at more videos that had been posted by the same user. The group is called Improv Everywhere and they are based in New York. They have done many “shows” around Manhattan and have even gone to Chicago and L.A. The next project coming up is an MP3 project. A large crowd of people will all start listening to the same MP3 and it will give them directions of what to do. On one that I saw, they had to point to the tallest building, follow a German tourist, give high fives to people that weren’t in the project that were passing by, become a human dart board by standing in rings by the different shirt colors ( the yellow shirts were darts!), and then a very large game of freeze tag began. Then the commanding voice, Steve, had everyone lay down and rest and then they were free to enjoy themselves. A very interesting show.

I had showed a couple videos of improv everywhere to my friend Kenneth and we both agreed that it would be really cool to be able to get a bunch of students together and do something like what they do. I figure the easiest thing to do would to be a freeze for 5 minutes. We’ll see if that happens… 🙂

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(For more information on the improv group, visit their website )


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