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September 1, 2008

what’s up doc?

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well! lots has happened since I last posted. I’ve finished my second week of work, a lot of people have come back for school (and since its a private school they start TODAY). Oh and 2 of my friends married each other! My friend Sean picked me up and we had lunch at Panda Express before we got to the church building a half hour early. I sliced a lemon and put it in the pitcher before the wedding started. It was a very beautiful wedding! I got a bit teary eyed a couple times and it didn’t help that my friend Karston leaned over to me and said “don’t cry!” because that just makes you want to cry!! After the ceremony was done, I hurried into the kitchen and started putting the lemonade in the pitcher. We used nearly all of the cups in the cup pyramid. The cake – from Walmart – was really good! I split a slice with Sean as neither of us wanted a whole one. I believe I got home around 4 and after several minutes of being home, I got in the car and went to a farewell party for my friends Tiffany and Traci. They’re going on the study abroad trip to Vienna. It was a pool party, so it was nice to cool off. Got home and had dinner with my parents and my mom’s younger sister and her husband. After dinner we watched some college football and I sewed. I got the first sleeve for the dress I’m making done and now I’m working on sleeve number 2. Still have a ways go to on getting the dress finished. I still have a month and 10 days.

Well, I don’t have work today because its Labor Day! I’m going to go over to campus for most of the day. need to go and get ready to head over. its almost chapel time!



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