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August 22, 2008

week one – new job

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Monday I started a new job. Its a good job and its growing on me. The day seems to go fast and slow at the same time. I answer the phone, send the boss lady emails saying who called and their number and usually they say why they’re calling so I say that too. Some times I make calls to get information for the boss lady to give to clients. Whenever I do make a call, I make sure I write down everything that I want to say on the call. I write down all the questions I need to ask and cover nearly all areas. I mean, it was my first week and I’m learning all of this nearly all on my own. I am the fort holder-downer and the 3 people that share the office space go in and out. On my second day, I ran errands. On my third day, I killed a scorpion by stepping on it – and I was wearing sandals. I got it before it got me. Apparently scorpions have bad eye sight even though they have several eyes. Then Thursday I got to the office and saw that it was covered in ants. I did kill it outside, so its ok that the ants are there. I go in and that morning I killed a spider. I really don’t like spiders anymore – I can’t believe I played with them when I was little! Today was a day. All week I’ve been doing paper shredding and reading a book called Send and its about how to write emails for office and home. A very interesting read if you’re new in the office scene. That’s what I’ve been doing. I’ve got some filing I get to do next week along with more shredding and finishing that book and starting another one on accounting. Mind, I’m terrible at numbers so its the Dummie’s book to Accounting.

Also this week, really Tuesday morning and Thursday afternoon and early evening and each meal time today and tomorrow’s breakfast and lunch – I am helping a family from church while they’re taking their youngest son to Harding and move him in and get him settled. I help the grandma of the family as she has memory problems. I wake her up in the morning and she gets dressed while I make her breakfast. I make her lunch when I get there a bit after noon and I get her dinner of fruit out of the fridge and her Boost drink too and that with bread and some cheese or tuna something like that.

Tomorrow, besides going over and helping her with meals, I get to help freshmen move in to their dorms on campus. It will be a long and interesting day. I nearly forgot where I had put my maintenance shirts earlier this evening! Best be off to bed so I can function tomorrow!



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