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August 14, 2008

the good and the sad

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Well, Thursday night last week I got my friend and second roommate Alyssa from the airport. Tuesday night I got my friend Kenneth from the airport. Alyssa and Phillip and our friend Jake (a.k.a Cowboy) and Kenneth and I went to Wendy’s (I didn’t eat anything as it was after 10 – too late for me!) and then we went to walmart and then Kenneth and I got home at 12:05. We had so much fun at Walmart! Cowboy sat in the cart and I pushed and Kenneth helped steer cause it was kinda hard with Cowboy’s weight all at the front of the cart and small light weight stuff in the back of the cart. He did get out after a while. Got home a bit after midnight, like I said, and then I showed Kenneth in the house cause after I had picked him up from the a’port, it was too late to take him to get things worked out at his apartment complex so he stayed in our guest room. We talked till about 1 I think and then I did some stuff online for a half hour and then went to bed myself. In the morning, had breakfast, dressed, and then Kenneth and I went over to campus and stood on the hill where our “gang” hangs out when school is going on. Since there was dew on everything, we didn’t sit and stay for a while longer, so we hopped back in the car and drove south and east. Found the apartments and  went into the office. A pipe to his toilet was broken so they were fixing it and the lady at the desk told us to come back in a couple hours. So we went over to where Kenneth is going to be at college and thats nearly an actual hop, skip, and a jump away so its in very good walking distance. I went around with him to the different places he needed to go to. He was able to get all his classes at night and only Mon-Thurs. so he can have a day job, school, and study.  After we got stuff done at that college, we went back to the complex and the lady at the desk had all the papers ready and so she went through stuff with him and gave him his keys and then by 12:15, we were taking his bags up to his apartment! He unpacked his books and DVDs and showed those to me and had me look in his new Japanese food and sushi book that our friend Brenton gave to him. So, with food on the mind I asked him if he wanted to go have lunch. So we went and found an Arby’s and had lunch there. We went back to the apartment and we talked about stuff for the apartment, where which stuff would go where, so on and so forth and the toilet was still being worked on. Soon after they left, I realized that if he’s going to be living there now, one of the first things he needs is toilet paper for the bathroom. so we went to Walmart and then I stopped at a gas station on the way back to the apartment and then when we got back, Kenneth made and got some phone calls. While he was on the phone, I poked around his kitchen and made a small list of things that he’d need. I figured out how to work his oven and stove and the timer for him. He has a new fridge, possibly new sink, new dish washer, and a new oven/stove so that’s really good! I left his apartment after showing him how stuff worked and I pulled out of the parking lot a bit after 5. So now our Kenny is off on his own looking for a job today. He’s kinda sad that he’s all alone and the closest friend (distance wise) is a 20-25 minute drive away but he doesn’t  have a car. Sad that we don’t get to see him all the time here in town, but hopefully some of the guys are up to going and getting him for weekends since he doesn’t have classes on Fridays.

Alyssa won a free makeover from David’s Bridal and she gets to invite friends to get one too, so that’s what I’ll be doing on Saturday afternoon! I can’t wait for the wedding! 16 days away!

Tonight the college class is having a game night over at one of the elders’ house so that’ll be fun! I’m bringing Life, Monopoly, Checkers, and Mancala. I played myself in Mancala and the player 2 of me won. Sorta like how some people will play themselves in chess or checkers.

Well, I’m going to go and get some stuff around the house done. like put the sheets in the dryer. or let them dry outside now that its not rainy.



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