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July 31, 2008

here I go again!

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Tomorrow morning I am heading off to my friend Anna’s for the weekend! I am so excited to get to spend the weekend with her! And of course she couldn’t even express her happiness when I talked to her on the phone yesterday when I said “see you Friday!” cause where she lives, there’s nothing to do except go to Wal-Mart and have fun in the toy section. I have seen Annetta, Jennifer, James, Amanda, Alyssa, Phillip, Robbie, Karston, and Tommy. I’ve chatted on the phone and/or IM with Lori, Josh, Anna, Cameron, Nate, Cowboy , Brandy and Kenneth. Oh and Kim called me one day. And I’ve talked with Hannah and Naomi. And Taylor. I’ve been pretty much in contact with everyone from my group of friends this summer.

Speaking of friends and going somewhere, this fall my friends and I are going down to Houston for the big Renaissance Festival – its on its 34th year and its supposed to be one of the best festivals ever! Lori says they go all out there, so we figured we might as well get into it too! More than when we went to the one in Norman. In fact, I’m making a dress for it. I can’t wait! Well, I’m out!



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