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June 26, 2008

3 work days this week!

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So now that I’m back from Ohio, I’m back to work. Wednesday I was back to the old paint brush and we worked in a couple stairwells in one of the buildings on campus. One of our boys, he’s new, gets paint everywhere. I don’t like that he gets paint everywhere even when he has a drop cloth down. But at least he cleans up after himself. The thing is that he doesn’t do it while its fresh, he waits till its almost time to go and then he’ll say he’ll finish cleaning it the next day. I say clean as you go and then when you’re done go back through and make sure its all clean. Sorta like editing a paper. You write it fixing little errors here and there that catch your eye and then you go back through again when you’re done and catch other errors. Anyways, so because he waits for it to be dried paint, he has to use a scraper and some really smelly solvent. I don’t want to go to space camp. The latex paint is bad enough in a place where there is no air movement.
Today I got in and I was called out and told to go and answer the phone in the office and shred paper like I was doing before I left for camp. So I was inside all day away from paint. Away from messy painters. Away from complainers. Mom brought me my laptop and it really saved me from starting a conversation of talking to myself. I chatted with my friend Tim ( Hi Tim) and he saved me from being extremely bored. You are a good friend! I listened to an online radio when I moved myself to the kitchen area to shred paper while the other girl that works in the office took my place answering the phone and she was able to log on the the computer and do stuff with mail. Over all it was a pretty good day. And tomorrow is the same thing. 3 days of work! yay! Well, I’m off to bed now!


p.s. Sorry if I’m bugging you with my different choices of layouts each day – I’m trying to find one that I like and one that doesn’t hurt my mom’s eyes. I really liked the green one with the girl but mom was having trouble reading it. The first one I had was waaaay too pink for me but I liked the hearts and flowers that were at the top. This one has flowers too, but I wish that it was a wider space for the text. At least I can have the widgets with this one!


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