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June 12, 2008


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I know I just started this blog and I appreciate my friends – and mom – taking the time to read what’s up with me! But there are these things called camps and I’m going to be a councilor at one in Ohio next week! I will be flying out tomorrow morning at 11 am and will have a stop in St. Louis and then continue to Columbus. I’ll stay with relatives for one night, but then Saturday my Aunt Connie and I are going to go to camp together and we’ll be there for a week and I won’t have ANY internet access at camp so I can’t tell you all about each day that same day. I know for certain that my friend Luke is going to be at camp cause I chatted with him on facebook tonight! He didn’t say if his brother Isaac is coming or not so I guess I’ll just be surprised. I haven’t gotten my teaching supplies in the mail yet and I leave before the mail gets here. They’ll have to make copies for me up there or my mom will try and do an express overnight thing so I can get it.

Today at work I thought I was going to be shredding papers like I have been all week. Its a good thing I actually wore painting clothes today because I got to go to the bible building on campus and use oil based paint and do some touch ups. The color is called “Monster Mash” but its a burnt orange sort of color. Imagine the Texas orange for the football team and thats pretty much what it looks like. Anyways, so I did that and then cleaned up and went to the cook out that was at lunch. Then after lunch I started to shred papers but then one of my bosses, Jim, comes in and says, “Hey, I need you to go back and paint some more with the same color in the same places just to be sure we cover the rusting and flaking parts in case it rains tonight.” So I go BACK over there and get it just right. Oh and a bird pooped on the back of my head so I had to go and clean that off. I nearly found someone to ask them if I had bird poop on me but then I thought that he would laugh at me so I just went and took care of it myself. After that, I walked halfway across campus and got back to the maintenance shop around 3. I cleaned up again and then went back to my shredding. There’s still a huge pile to be shredded but will be done by someone else or will be waiting for when I get back. After the small pile I had in front of me had disappeared, I went and started peeling the names that were on stickers off the folders that all the papers came out of. Sorry if that wasn’t clear to you, I’m getting a little drowsy. Swept part of the shop and then went home at 5. I work 40 hours a week doing maintenance at a private Christian college. That should be in the about me section or my first post. Anyways, dinner was good and my parents and I went to Kohl’s around 7. Since I got home I’ve been chatting with friends with the facebook chat and with friends on – its a pretty cool site cause you can sign in to your instant messenger without having to download anything!

I’m off to bed now! and to Ohio tomorrow!



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